Humans on Mars – My view on the Logic and Insanity

The concept of human colonising Mars isn’t new – it’s decades old and has been talked about since space travel started in the 1950’s and 60’s. Since the Moon landings the science community has viewed that travelling to Mars as being the next logical step in manned space exploration. The science and engineering behind this effort is staggering and while no actual missions are definitely planned in, the discussions have not ended and will carry on until we finally achieve this.

the martian 8

The way in which we travel to Mars has modified over time, I can remember when then missions talked about would last for some months on the Red Planet in order to make it worth the effort. I recent years though this has slowly changed to the realisation that missions to Mars are going to be one way only. You go to live the rest of your days there. This ties in nicely with the ethics of the colonisation of Mars, the preservation and advancement of the human race seems to be important right now. While I get this and there are those that have volunteered for this which is amazing, but do they really know what it’s going to be like? I’m sure a few months will be brilliant fun, but let’s face it 10 years down the line you might well have gone completely insane – if you haven’t starved to death.

Starvation and human preservation is kind of what brings me to some of the insanity around this. I’ve seen people talking about Mars being the next place the hum races goes to once we’ve finished ruining the Earth.

Seriously… WTF?!?

Do you seriously think that it’s all going to be ok to plunder the Earth until it’s a wasteland and then park up on Mars? When was the last time you saw this place?

mars 4

This is it. It doesn’t change much. Nothing grows here, there is no atmosphere to breathe despite what science fiction movies tell us (it’s called fiction for a reason). If we reduce Earth to a wasteland we won’t find anything better on Mars. Colonising Mars is a huge step towards human living permanently off Earth but it’s not a second option to Earth. Earth must be preserved!

The other insane idea is that of Elon Musk’s to create a martian atmosphere by detonating nuclear warheads at the poles, melting them and creating an atmosphere. This is so flawed it’s not funny. Mars has a tiny magnetic field, so it cannot keep much of an atmosphere. But even if it could – everyone would be breathing radioactive air for the next 1000 years! There is also his vision to make travel to Mars accessible to all, costing around $200,000 a trip.

As in every huge project, there is insanity that rides with it. Travelling to Mars is going to be expensive. Living on Mars will be even more expensive and will be very hard! The rewards could be unimaginable and ultimately so will the costs.

Simon 🙂


23 thoughts on “Humans on Mars – My view on the Logic and Insanity

  1. Yeah, I think people have a tendency to underestimate how far away things in space are, and to forget how tough it is outside our cosy little corner of the universe! Like you say, we should probably look after Earth a little better! But the thing that had me laughing out loud was “affordable” space travel, with a $200k price tag… Am I the only one who doesn’t have 200 grand stashed under the mattress for a jaunt to Mars?!

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    1. Things and distances in space are so huge our minds can’t comprehend it. We should look after Earth a lot more, it should be our job.
      When you consider that it costs the US government $2M to pay the Russians to send a rocket with their astronauts into space it is cheap…. I can’t afford it either.

      How have you been?

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      1. Well, when you put it like that… I think I’ll still have to hold out for Ryanair to open their first out-of-earth routes though. It’ll be great… You’ll book a flight to Mars, then realise that the airport is on Phobos and you have to make your own way to the planet itself 😉
        I’ve been well, thanks… A bit busy with learning some new skills, that’s all! How are you getting on?

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      2. I’m trying to learn how to use Illustrator for my Beastie drawings, instead of good ol’ paper and pencils. It’s slow going just now, but I’m hoping it will save me time in the long run!


  2. My understanding is that the initial trips to Mars will probably not be one-way trips. We’re probably going to start with a few scouting missions to find out what Mars is really like and to see just how hazardous the Martian environment is to human health.

    Assuming these scouting missions don’t go horribly wrong, the one-way trips would start soon after that with the aim of establishing a permanent, growing colony.

    As for the idea that Mars will be our replacement home after we’ve finished wrecking Earth… let’s please not do that.


  3. Nuclear weapons on the poles….yeh….The image of Wile E Cyote and an ‘Acme’ H-Bomb spring to mind.
    I have a feeling that Humanity will give this a go at some stage. After all who in their right minds would go sailing across vast oceans in rickety wooden vessels, and we seem to have a knack of living in places where we shouldn’t.
    It would have to be a massive undertaking and I’m guessing the strategy might involve large numbers of expendable (and very desperate) volunteers. You’d need a large number to make the toe-hold work, and accept a high casualty rate as folk struggle to make their own self-supporting bio-verses work. Pretty grim if you ask me.


  4. Some totally insane character, at some point in time, believed that we, as humans would be able to communicate with each other across the world in real time. What superstitious insanity! Yet here we are! The insanity of the dream drives the need to make it happen.

    But humans, to a large degree, can’t live on the earth anyway. Many require a machine to live in. They call them cities. Put the right machine on Mars and there we go.

    Just my twisted thoughts…

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    1. I can understand that thought and it’s not as insane as you think. Put a city anywhere in the solar system in a dome and they wouldn’t know the difference.
      Thanks for commenting 🙂


  5. Good points, all, Simon. We can’t help ourselves, can we? Continuing to make science fiction a reality. As huge a fan as I am of moving out into space, I wonder if some of that money shouldn’t be put into making life on earth a little better for all of its citizens…

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    1. Well this is it. In reality the only way we can solve both problems is if we do away with the ancient concept of money somehow and spend out lives doing what’s actually right 🙂

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  6. Excuse me Simon I haven’t read up on this as mich as you… 🙂 So my question is: Why would a trip to Mars be one way? Is it because there wouldn’t be fuel enough for the return trip, or some other reason? Very curious..
    I think people on Mars would go insane eventually… well, perhaps not if there were huge cities built there within domes, with parks and forests somehow could be planted in the domes too, but I guess that really is sci fi! 🙂

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    1. A trip to Mars is likely to be one way becasue of the enormous costs and engineering effort involved in the mission. As it is, getting the food and fuel alone is a major headache without having to try and get them home again. Making the trip one way means that all the effort in making their food, fuel and being self sustaining means that a one way mission makes more sense.
      Living on Mars at first is likely to be cramped and very spartan, like living on a space station but in a low gravity environment.

      I hope this is helpful to you 🙂

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