A New SciFi and Fantasy Community

So here it is, the big reveal! Last week I posted about the Science Fiction and fantasy hub that I was planning. I’ve worked out how I think this is going to work, the intention is that each contributor will add their own work, link it back to their own site or blog. The idea is that having this one hub will give greater exposure to writers work in this area and one place for readers to go. This could work and it could be great but it needs you guys!

Where is the hub?

My old Universe of Possibilities blog is the location of this project. There is a bit of my work in there from when I was using the blog, I still need to do some housekeeping to bring it up to date, but I wanted to get this going and see how it goes.



The hub can be found from the menu’s on sfarnell.wordpress.com or there is the picture above on my sidebar which will also take you to the site. From there a menu in the top right should give you what you need.

What do you do?

This is the simple bit, go to the menu in the top corner of the site and there is a page where all the contributors will be  listed (unless you don’t want to). Read the contributors notes (this will be updated from time to time) so you know what to expect.

Leave a comment that you wish to participate, I’ll need a picture and a note to use for the contributors page and I’ll send you an invite to be an Author on the blog. This will mean that you can add all the content you need, but are not an admin.

When this has been accepted by you, the universe of possibilities blog logo will appear as an option to post from your blog. Blog away to your hearts content, do you have a short story you want to promote? Or a book? Seen a film that you want to share? I want universe of possibilities to be the place to do this. I want to see good people’s work given that extra visibility it deserves.

Make sure you leave a link back to your blog, in fact why not duplicate the post on your blog and link back to it? It’s up to you and the possibilities are universal (I hope)! I’ve left comments closed on this site, but likes are still visible, this is why it’s important to link back to your own site as the comments are meant for you and you don’t want me answering them do you?

Of course the other thing needed is those to read, you’re no less important, come and follow and join in the fun and help make this work!


What else?

The only thing now is to remember this is only run but little me. My hope is to create a great workspace hub for readers and writers of this genre. It might take a few days to get invites out and to get your profiles onto the contributor page. I will do my best to make things work well and if you have suggestions or comments then please let me know. Leave a comment or find me from the contacts page which can be found on the menu.



I hope we can make this a cool and exciting project!

Simon 🙂


20 thoughts on “A New SciFi and Fantasy Community

      1. I’m coming to the bash. Ill buy my ticket this week. I might even enter the competition.
        I love conspiracy theories. I was also got on the flat Earth… But some basic science and facts blow it away I’m afraid. Ill tell you about it at the bash! 😊😎

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha good luck with changing my mind – you might want to speak to my committee minions to see how that went for them before whipping out “facts” 😂😂

        Good. Glad you’re coming it will be nice to see you again. Ooh awesome on the comp – it’s closing this week 🙂


  1. I’m in.

    I do a lot of fiction-writing, a significant chunk of which is scifi in the classic and New Wave vein. I could throw you a few samples to see what you decide.

    But whatever you end up choosing, love the idea. It’s great.

    I’m building my new website at:


    if you want a gander at my style. You can write me, Simon, at:


    Look forward to hearing from you!

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