NASA – May the 4th be with you!

  How does NASA's technology measure up to the likes of fictional technology found in the likes of Star Wars... The truth maybe closer than you think and the force is with them! No ownership claimed on images - Credit NASA lanet Simon   Also find Planet Simon on Twitter Come and visit find me... Continue Reading →


NASA technology and how it’s making life safer for the human race.

  It's often hard to appreciate the benefits to the human race of space exploration, but there are so many things that we use everyday that wouldn't exist if it wasn't for NASA and space exploration. This post highlights some of the safety systems used that were originally developed by NASA. Credit: NASA... Continue Reading →

Dyson’s hot air for its hair dryer

I cannot hold back about this any longer! I expect many of you have seen the advert for the Dyson hair dryer and I seethe at this advert for two reasons: They claim it uses a digital motor. Selling the microprocessor control. Why does this have me seething - I'll tell you! First things first... Continue Reading →

Circuit Mechanix – March 2017

Welcome to the first issue of Circuit Mechanix this year! A little later than expected this issue focuses on flexi and flex rigid PCB design and manufacture. This issue also looks at the National Physics Laboratory soldering defects database and we get a new feature – The PCB Mechanic. Every issue will now […] via Circuit... Continue Reading →

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