Hello there bloggies. I can’t believe well here we are, we’ve arrived in July, it’s been more than a little bumpy getting here but it seems that we’ve arrived and this really weird year isn’t really giving up on all it’s little… quirks shall we say.

Let’s all hope this doesn’t happen:

Because that would really not help things.

There’s a few things that’s getting me about this whole episode, of intense news and survival mode and that is that there are those out there and I don’t know who they are that have taken advantage of this. Firstly a while back the Pentagon releases footage and states that UFO’s exist. This would normally be headline news – barely a whimper.

Next some scientists say they’ve found evidence of a universe where time travels backwards, I mean this is big. Nope… not a thing.

No instead we now have some out there going on about this genetically engineers virus that was created to herald in a new world order of control under the Chinese and that this is only the start of the real apocalypse… I shake my head most days at something like this.

Despite all the ongoing stuff I’m starting to get back a little creative oomph and I just need a little more time (That would be a good song title lol).

But this month just gone there were a few posts….

Science Fiction Concepts – The Great Artificial Gravity Problem

I have some thoughts on how gravity works in our minds and in Sci-Fi and maybe we have got a few things wrong….

Drawing Sci-Fi and finding Imagination

I’m having a go at some imaginative drawing again, with some help….

Gargantua Overlay

I’ve been having a go at overlays again….

I’ve also been taking part in Cyranny’s Skypsy Sunday and while I can’t be there the full hour it’s been fun catching up with some fellow bloggers and trying to right the world. If you think it’s your thing come and stop by…

I hope you all keep well, I try and keep up with so many of you but I can’t. Always feel free to swing by and say hi and point me at something you think I might be interested in.

Do keep safe and well and see you about.

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10 thoughts on “Blog Orbit – Blog Date July 2020

  1. well obviously your first two points – UFOs and reverse time – are fake news first read on Si’s scifi …. oops you are Simon!

    there you go CIA rightly taking responsibility at last!
    Did I hear tiny foil … that only works for 5GB not covid, you duffer!

    Dear me read about it all here and I thought it was just nerdy stuff 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Time going backwards. I loved the concept, and naturally went hunting and naturally as is with science found the opposite viewpoint:


    Don’t you just love the fact that no one can agree on such issues. Like one scientist said ‘Wouldn’t it be dull if we were right the first time?. That would be boring,’

    No it’s not the Chinese who created Corvid-19 it’s the CIA in alliance with Amazon…I know because I’ve been wearing extra thick aluminium foil ever since the outbreak started. (you can’t beat the old methods y’know)

    Back to ground level, those drawings of your Simon I just sit back in sheer admiration.
    Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 3 people

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