Blog Orbit – Blog Date March 2020

Looking out of the window on the day I wrote this post I had but one thought – it was the first day of spring. The daffs are out as well as the crocuses poking their colourful little heads up out of the ground. Then I realised I’ve hardly posted at all in the last month… this is bothering me.

Work and life and all that is keeping me from writing anything and I’m struggling to see and end to it all. So I have to say thank you to all you bloggies for keeping up with me and checking in every so often, I do see your likes and comments and I will get around to answering them soon.

They say the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry and that the thing isn’t it? Getting all philosophical about life now I can see how my blogging has changed over time and circumstances and yet I’m still here and posting away when I can, spreading the message spewed out by my deranged mind to the hope that maybe someone likes to read it. Some of you do that’s the thing!

So even though I’m not about much right now I will be popping in and posting I will try and read your posts and who knows maybe soon I’ll be posting some more… fingers crossed eh bloggies?

Let me know how you guys are – what are you working on? How’s life?

Keep smiling and writing.

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33 thoughts on “Blog Orbit – Blog Date March 2020

      1. it takes years before you see real progress, it’s not a quick fix … but best barometre is your family .. if they notice changes they may try to push your buttons to test you. Or they might compliment your effort 🙂

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  1. Life is kicking my behind a little, but I keep getting back up. Blogging/writing is what keeps me going. I’m not sure if my quality is where I want it to be, but hey, at least it is something and it helps me.
    Not seeing it getting easier is the worst part. Hopefully, you will be surprised soon enough.
    Stay golden!

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    1. Keep getting up Sam. You’re doing great and it’s ok to get behind and have doubts. We all have them but it’s just our mind playing games.

      I hope you’re well and keep well.

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  2. Oh, I understand. It happens. Stay strong. Glad to “see” you today. All’s meh, in my world. Staying positive is a hard thing to do, but every day I work hard at seeing the light through the gloom. It’s raining here today, and somehow, I’m loving it and smiling anyways. Sending you a hug!

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