That worked well didn’t it?


Well all I can say is that worked well didn’t it Theresa!

Now look at the strong and stable leadership.

Look at how you’ve united us.

What a joke… the EU and the world is laughing right because hell. What a mess! Your plan worked really well didn’t it?

Simon 🙂


36 thoughts on “That worked well didn’t it?”

    1. Brexit negotiations can’t happen in the state the government is in. There’s no mandate for anything. This is why it’s chaos… It is a nightmare!


  1. What a great picture you have found! Dear, oh dear, what a mess……… It looks like ‘As the world turns’ episode…..1001…? Looking forward to what will be next. I send you lots of compassion and support!

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    1. Thank you for the compassion, who knows what will happen in the short term, but one way or the other there’s a mess to sort out and they’ve got to do it.
      I thought that picture was great too… just goes to show where arrogance can take you.

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    1. I don’t know why they insist on making Brexit complicated, why not simplify it and let everyone benefit. The whole world is watching the UK right now and the politicians are not putting on a good show.

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      1. That is the bit that gets me. Is she a tray of sandwiches short of a picnic? Fecking resign. End of. It’s power at any price. I have never seen politics like this right now. Both here and across the pond.

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      2. I agree, there’s no realisation that she’s not credible as leader of anything.
        She has more than a screw loose and looking at it all both here and in the US it’s not a pretty picture.

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      3. It does. The thing is she’s so outclassed for dealing with the EU over Brexit (which is another stupid idea btw) I think even if she survives to start negotiations they will tear her to pieces. She’s so screwed and doesn’t know it.

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      4. That is the other thing. She can hardly string a decent sentence together when it comes to saying anything of value. I am watching the space re Brexit and her trying to control her new ‘Allies’ in Northern Ireland. This will be good……

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      5. Agree or not the peace there has lasted. I fear that peace could very well collapse and then the whole thing would be complete. Because of political gambling and stupidity we will be fully back in the 1970’s

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      6. Exactly I can’t get my head round the sheer bloody arrogance and crass stupidity of the bitch. She called for that election, she put things on the table like the dementia tax which were unbelievable in terms of expecting support–what planet does she live on–then when she loses all these seats, this is her response. Why bother having an election asking a country to vote if you are going to move goalposts over results?

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      7. I’m with you here totally… I reckon there will be another election before the year os out and she won’t last to see it. Hey, think – she could turn out to be the shortest serving PM

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      8. Nope… She’s still losing popularity points… Even after the damn election is done.
        I’m loving this chat with you… Its been fun tearing her to pieces. Lol


  2. I’m in the US and sorry I can’t sympathize. Just yesterday, our Senate Intelligence Committee heard testimony from fired FBI director that suggests that our president is a liar and may have tried to coerce him to lie and cover up also. Governments are in shambles all around the world.

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    1. I have no sympathy either, the woman is arrogant and a liar. I’ve been keeping half an eye on this fbi thing and it seems your president is in it up to his neck.
      Where all this will lead… Who knows?

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