Manic Monday – The Week on Planet Simon

Planet Simon has gone through a mixed, week of highs and lows. Starting a new job and first week going well is a big high. Flu still kicking my arse, big low. My cough has been so bad I can’t speak more than three words without couching my lungs up – so I had to skip out on the Bloggers Bash. HUGE LOW!!!!

Finally I think I’m getting over this flu but crap it’s been horrid! Today heralds the start of my second week and the only way is up from here. I’m starting to slowly get a little more time to write some stuff so this should reflect in blog posts a bit but I also have other writing projects that demand attention so I will be dedicating time to them too. I’m hoping that these projects will benefit from some posts around them… so watch this space!

I’ve also been getting a little reading time in too, this is always good and I’m hoping to catch up on some of the books I’ve wanted to read / complete and read some new ones. Learning all the time and taking notes on how they’ve written their works of art!

Have a great week all!

Simon πŸ™‚


38 thoughts on “Manic Monday – The Week on Planet Simon”

      1. Oh I’ve been considering The Martian as well. Having seen the movie though, I’m finding it hard to get motivated though lol.
        The Lord of the Rings is such an epic read. From memory there were lots of bits which weren’t in the films?

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      2. I like reading books from films, it gives a greater depth of understanding.
        The Lord of the Rings films had so much cut out and changed. No disrespect to the makers, there is just so much in the story.

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