That worked well didn’t it?


Well all I can say is that worked well didn’t it Theresa!

Now look at the strong and stable leadership.

Look at how you’ve united us.

What a joke… the EU and the world is laughing right because hell. What a mess! Your plan worked really well didn’t it?

Simon šŸ™‚


The Destruction of Democracy

Look at that title – The Destruction of Democracy, it sounds like the title of some dystopian sci-fi novel or something. It also could be the start of some great conspiracy theory but how would much would it scare you to know that this is happening now and in a way has already happened? Would it scare you more to think that you, we, you and I are being used as the tools to destroy democracy?

Far fetched?


How about fact, but don’t take my word for it – Google Cambridge Analytica. When I Googled this among the search results was an image at the top right, depicting a brain and the words “Data-driven behaviour change.” Looking at some of the highlights of the other Google results are a mix of results with Trump and Brexit in them. To explain this a little better is a (rather long) article from the Guardian:


So what we have is a company using data from social media to deliver specific military style propaganda to individuals based on their social background – all of this being done by data derived by social media.

Now let’s get a bit more up to date – the UK elections, called in order to secure Brexit and a large Conservative lead. What already seems have turned into a presidential style campaign with a deranged May shouting her mouth off about conspiracies from within the EU it seems there’s an even darker twist to their campaign.Ā It’s been said that the Conservatives campaign may beĀ using the services of guess who? Yup – Cambridge Analytica!


So what we’re facing here is a lot of people being bombarded with subtle but powerful persuasion in order to win votes and gain power. If this is true it stinks! We’re now faced with the choice of voting for those we think are unvotable or the billionaire data hackers? What’s the world coming to?

If this is true could this be the start of dystopia?

The end of any kind of recognizable democracy?

If it’s true… makes you think doesn’t it?

Simon :-/

Making sense of the mess that’s the UK’s EU referendum


The time is fast approaching of the UK’s referendum on EU membership. The 23rd of June 2016 marks the day when finally, after numerous successive prime ministers have failed to deliver their promises that they let us have our say on whether or not we stay in the EU.

So – what do I think?

The truth is, I honestly don’t know. I have no idea what so ever! The scary thing is that the politicians can’t agree on the right thing to do either. With threats of what will happen if we stay or leave, the usual brand of scare mongering it’s hard to know what to think, let alone where to put my cross.

So forgive me for going all political and boring for a bit. I know I can hear the moans now – but bear with me. This need to be unleashed I think.

The Politics

The politics of this are it seems to me to be mainly economic. Trade agreements, EU grants, the freedom to travel between countries and jobs from the EU all contributing to money coming into the UK from business, imports and exports.

The in campaign say that this could all go – but in reality would it? There will have to be trade agreements, probably negotiated with the freedom to roam.

Ā The People

What I’ve heard from people is so boring and stupid it’s not funny. Some people seem to think that leaving the EU will bring a stop to working migrants into the country. This has been brought about by idiots like UKIP’s Nigel Farage. So, let’s get this clear – it we leave the EU, the migrants workers will not stop coming in! Simple as and in many cases they are taking up the work that no-one here in the UK want’s to do.Ā  If we leave the Eu we will not see 100,00 Spanish resident suddenly having to leave. So get that thought out of your heads right now!

Much of this kind of migrant limitation policy has come from UKIP. The leader of UKIP is Nigel Farage andĀ  heis a bigoted, racist liar and really anyone listening to him should know better. You’re arguably more likely to lose your jobs if we exit from the EU than if we remain – why? Because we could stand to lose business if we leave!


The message from businesses at first was very damning of leaving the Eu, but in recent weeks this seems to have flipped to the other side. With anything like this I’m very wary, becasue at the end of the day the press is in control of the information they put in fron of us and it’s often distorted.

I have heard that some businesses are waiting until after the referendum before committing work to British companies. For a long term project I can kind of see the point of this, but short term I can’t see what difference it makes.

The Rest of Europe

Looking at some of the headlines the other day apparently 50% of Europeans also want an Eu referendum now. How true this is I don’t know – but if it is this would reinforce the reports that Italy, Spain and Portugal among other countries want to leave the EU.

It’s also been stated that leaving the EU could lead to war, I really hope that this isn’t the case. I would hope that in this day and age we have learned the lessons of previous generations and that this wouldn’t happen.


So what’s the point here? There are no facts on which anyone can base a rational an informed choice on what to do. One thing I’m fairly confident of is that the EU in it’s current form is fatally flawed and is likely not to last. It’s not the United States, it’s Europe.

So suppose the EU is doomed, do we let it fall apart by itself in a way that could casue unrest and (God forbid) war? Or is it best to start a controlled dismantling operation with the UK possibly leading the way? All I know is that no-one knows what the best thing is and what will happen. I also know that whoever you are and whatever you vote, for whatever reason – if people think things will change, they probably wont! Not in the way they would like anyway.

By the way, if any of you out there came to a conclusion becasue of reading this – let me know, becasue I still don’t know!

Simon šŸ™‚


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