ESA – A Year in Images


Last year was a great year for discoveries and space exploration. Tim Peake’s mission to the international space station has inspired an entire generation, Mars another mission under way, Juno started it’s mission around Jupiter. we also said a sad farewell to Rosetta, crashed into it’s comet before it got too far from the sun to generate any power.

ESA has kindly created a year in pictures article and this is attached. Have a look…

via Year in images / Highlights / ESA

No ownership claimed on materials or images – Credit ESA



15 thoughts on “ESA – A Year in Images

      1. Just reminds me of the sadness, since we (the USA) are backing away from space lately yet get in the way of letting private corporations try. There are some outlier examples, but we don’t value going up into the stars enough anymore.

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      2. No, it’s dangerous and costs a lot. Thing is that is probably what’s keeping your people out of work, the bit at the top doesn’t filter down towards the bottom.

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      3. That’s because we have crony capitalism, where there are “too big to fail” and “not important enough for the political types to care.” When companies have to sink or swim without corporate welfare you’ll see some improvement I think.

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      1. I am good, just so damn busy now that I spend as much as time building up my store, most of all regarding Valentine’s Day – next to work and all… lol! How are you, Simon?

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      2. I’m ok, kids giving me a headache…Lol
        I’m struggling to get me time for writing or blogging but there’s good stuff and ideas I want to work on. So I’m focussing on this where we can and the positives. Is your store busy?

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      3. Oh well, once you have kids you might have a headache for the rest of your life in some way… lol! I am looking forward to reading your ideas, Simon! I just started with my store and try to popularize it. But it already has clients which makes me very happy 😊


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