Letter to Myself – Open next year (2018)

Last year my friend Erin of Bubbles and Beebots tagged me on a great little idea to write a letter to myself to open in a year’s time. Well that year s up – 2017 and I’ve already posted about this letter. But I thought that this needs to be done yearly. I found this a good benchmark so I could see where I was then to where I am now.

Last year’s letter is here:



Dear future me,

The start of this year didn’t go that well… But this is life, just because it started badly it doesn’t mean the whole year has to be bad.

As we speak the world is on the brink of some big changes, a new US president and Brexit are making the world seem a bit bleak. But you like everyone else must take heart. As Spock once said we need to have faith that the universe will unfold as it should.

Good things are going on too, Circuit Mechanix needs developing into a more viable project and planet simon needs taking to the next level along with your writing and who knows… Maybe a book?

Try and live through the problems in your life, try and enjoy life a bit. Try and be happy… You need it.

Try and find out more about the person you’re meant to be, but don’t forget who you are in the process.

When (if spared) you open this in 2018 the world will be different again and another new year will ahead with new problems and opportunities. Hopefull reading this will make you realise how far you’ve come.
Here are the rules:

  • Tag it under β€˜DearFutureMeTag’
  • Write a letter to yourself to read again in a years time. You can answer if you would like.
  • Nominate Other Bloggers, as many as you like (at the end of this post)

My nominees are:



scientistswithoutglasses is a new blogger in need of blog support – go and have a look πŸ™‚




JR Handley

I hope you guys all take part in this – anyone else that sees this and want to take part can too. I found it really interesting and useful to see what I had accomplished in a year!

Simon πŸ™‚


58 thoughts on “Letter to Myself – Open next year (2018)

  1. That doesn’t sound like Spock, more cryptic than logical. Is that a quote from the reboot movies I’m forgetting? Or do I just have Spock completely wrong in my head? (I mean, come on, me. Besides Kirk/Shatner, he’s practically the face of Star Trek.)

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  2. Hi Simon. I’m a new viewer, hoping to encourage you to check out my … slightly unusual website.

    Since you’re supportive of new writers, consider me when tabulating your list. My website is:


    Anyone who wants to check it out, viewer discretion advised: it includes explicit sex, but also talks about technology and politics.

    *smiling slightly*

    It’s good. I’ll drop in often in the future and comment.


    1. Hope you like it, it was especially germain to me since at the time they were calling Senator John McCain a Manchurian Candidate. I’m no fan of his policies, but that argument was ludicrous on its face. Anyway, the 2004 movie was more of an action flick than a thriller like the original.

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  3. Oh cool, thanks for tagging me! I’ll try to set aside a little time in the coming weeks to write myself a letter πŸ˜€ Also, I noticed that someone in the comments up there ☝ recommended “The Manchurian Candidate” – I second that! Especially the 1962 version, which has Angela Lansbury in it!

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    1. I think the acting back then was more emotional because they couldn’t rely on special effects. It made them become better actors and actresses. I agree that the original movie was better but the new was a nice modernization of the idea.

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      1. I purposefully keep my politics to myself, since hopefully my writing appeals across the spectrum and I wouldn’t want to disrespect that half of my readers. But as far as life letters, that would be it! πŸ˜›

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  4. This is a super idea! Write a letter to myself, would probably start like this: My Precious, I realize that you are now a VIP, and I don’t mean to intrude on your worthwhile activities, but know that if I freaking find the dishes in the sink again, laundry undone and toys spread all over the place I’m gonna wipe the floor with that VIP a$$ of yours – LOL

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    1. Haha… I’ve not seen you get frustrated like that Ana. I assume your hubby is a VIP of some kind?
      But seriously, you should do this and I bet you’ll find it interesting and useful πŸ™‚

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      1. LOL. Both my husband and my son are VIPs, but Precious is the future me, who I expect will be lying with the feet up drinking coffee and relaxing somewhere by the sea sometime next year with a good book – always with a book! I suffer from bibliophilia.

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      2. Really? What do they do to get to be VIP’s? You are precious Ana and if you can lay back with your feet up reading a book then I say go for it! I can see you like writing too, I need to have a look at some of your work πŸ™‚

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      3. I hope you like it, Simon πŸ™‚ My manuscripts are now under consideration with a few publishers, so most of my work isn’t online anymore, but the Marquis is still on the blog, as well as Hyperion and Lila.


  5. What an interesting idea! I remember at school we were asked to write a letter to our grown-up selves. My mum actually found it again a few years ago when she was clearing out her loft – it was a strange experience to read it again!

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