Changing Earth


Planet Earth is changing all the time. Many changes are caused by us, humans and our ever growing activity.

The link below is a post from NASA showing how some parts of the Earth have changed over the years. These changes aren’t small either. It makes interesting and a bit scary reading.

via NASA β€” Images of Change

Simon πŸ™‚

No ownership claimed on images or material – Credit NASA


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  1. I clicked the link and looked at some of those images and now I think I might just take a moment and have a good cry. I know the comparison between some of the time periods may be a little extreme – take the before pic at the best time of the year and the after pic after some prolonged bad time. But it’s still disturbing to see the losses our planet has faced in such a short period of time.
    Thanks for sharing, Simon.

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      1. The answer is funding non-partisan science and maybe colonizing outside Terra Firma. Sadly, neither will happen anytime soon. Our politicians of all stripes will muck it up and pass laws and rules to get in the way of progress. 😦


  2. These are some pretty frightening and thought-provoking images… Yes, I know they’re showing extremes, but we probably need a bit of a wake-up call here! At the same time, a few small changes from each of us will have a huge effect overall – this year, I’ll be avoiding takeaway coffee cups (got a reusable one for Christmas) and buying unpackaged fruit & veg. Anyone else want to join me? πŸ˜€

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      1. That’s true… But what many of us don’t realise is that we actually have the power to change their behaviour! They can’t do anything without our money, so by choosing not to buy from companies with a poor environmental track record, we can force them to shape up. If you’re interested in sustainability, check out The Snail of Happiness on WordPress – I’ve found her blog a real inspiration!

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      2. I’m not sure about brain washing… But we do get advertised to constantly! You can opt out of that pretty easily though – an ad blocker on your browser, getting up and doing something else during TV commercial breaks… πŸ˜€

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