Nanowrimo and the 52107 Reasons I’ve not been about

As some of you may or may not know I’ve been taking part in Nanowrimo and through November life been slowly but surely increasing the word count on my first novel creation.

At about 10.30 on Saturday the 30th of November I finished the first draft of my manuscript at a word count of 50107 words. Each of them were the rain I’ve not been about much.

I’ve been keeping up with some of you but in the last week especially I’ve not been keeping up or posting on here. I’ve learned a lot from taking part, particularly the power of consistent writing to move the word count up. It’s a powerful thing and even if you don’t take part out write 1600 words a day even a few hundred count.

I had expected to get to around 20k and would have been happy with that but I managed to keep it going.

Was there anyone else reading this who took part? How did you do? What would you do differently next time?

So happy December to you all were now on the charge towards Christmas and the world is going mad. I hope you’re all well…

So… What’s going on here?

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