Science Fiction Concepts – The Curse of Impatience

As usual and in no surprise to anyone how things happen in Sci-Fi films bears no resemblance (I hope) to how things would happen in a real mission.

Picture the scene, long journey, excitable explorers wanting to get out and see what’s there. To wait and carry out a survey is boring I mean come on we’ve come so far and it’s taken so long another day or two and I’m going to get really bored and start beating up the ship’s android.

You can see it now can’t you. I can…

They land and jump out and in no time one thing leads to another and horrific things are happening. Every time you can see what’s going to happen. The kind of thing that is going to go wrong.

Alien ship from the Alien films – No ownership claimed on image

Now I know science fiction is exactly that – fiction but let’s consider adding a little realism. If you’re winging it and things go balls up you get what you deserve but what happens if there’s a plan that’s executed, carried out and yet despite all the safeguards it all goes wrong.

What could be more terrifying than that?

A story I read once (I can’t remember what it was called or who it was from sorry) was about a human colonisation mission to another planet. They carried out surveys, landed the area was secured and the human colonisation started.

I local settlement warned them to go while they still could but of course they didn’t. The story ended with a really surprising twist. I was expecting there to be some kind of disease or other alien presence, but no. The robots, and all the other technology started failing, little by little it all went wrong until they were totally stranded. The metal of their ships and machines started to degrade (relatively) rapidly.

To me that’s terror, impatience is a costly thing and it’s the way a fool would do it. But when even the wise and intelligent can’t help themselves – then you’re really screwed.

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2 thoughts on “Science Fiction Concepts – The Curse of Impatience

  1. A great topic. It’s not only in sci-fi films, but also in horrors, thrillers, action movies, etc.
    Some mistakes are just cliches, and you want to think that it is pure fiction and those actions are there purely for your entertainment. Sometimes it’s that, sometimes it’s just bad writing (lack of appropriate research). But I also think that often times we forget we are sitting at home/ in a cinema watching those movies. We are not living those movies. Like with a TV game show – Have you heard people say: “This is so much easier at home”? I would like to think that if there is a murder in my house, I will not go to a dark attic to hide, but who knows? People do dumb stuff when they are put on the spot.

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