Hello bloggies, happy new month, happy Autumn and happy new blog orbit! As you can see blog orbits are going to come monthly from now on as I didn’t want my blog completely filled with blog orbits – it was kinda embarrassing.

So – what’s going on?

I’m playing that’s what – I’m still getting to grips with beyond the infinite and making it into the creative and thought provoking place that I want it to be. I would like to have more sketches, doodles and ideas that will inspire and maybe polarise some of my thinking. Keep watching this kind of stuff will come and I hope it’s going to be pretty cool.

Over the last week or two I’ve had posts about:
30 years since Voyager 2’s historic flyby of Neptune

I can’t remember where I got to with the last orbit but I Blue Siren was August’s Blog battle story and a pretty inventive and mind blowing post on what’s the energy with matter?

More good stuff is in the pipeline with an old series getting a reboot too!

I’m going to shoutout a blogger in this orbit, just becasue and all that. Goldie is a fairly recent addition to my followers and is pretty interactive and has some great content. Go and see.

Also make sure you look up my other blog Syborg’s Site. Thanks to two fellow bloggers for helping me with my name here! My randomness still exists there and I’ve lately been posting loads of picture that I’ve been taking and collecting!

I’m thinking that I need to find something that I can post about more frequently, any ideas on this are truly welcome as awesomeness takes time to create and I need to keep feeding nugget’s of awesomeness to the blogoshpere… any thoughts welcome.

Let me know how you guys are – what are you working on? How’s life?

Keep smiling and writing.

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6 thoughts on “Blog Orbit – Blog Date September 2019

  1. Good luck in developing your blog into what you want it to be.
    Re what to blog about, the question is what you want the blog to be about. Your sketches will be one new kinda post. Science can be another. What do you want to blog about?


  2. Hey! If you fancy a hand with coming up for things for your blog, you can always e-mail me and we could have a thinking session if you want?

    I’m currently thinking about Blogtober and planning that as well as getting my business ready for launch next Sunday! Exciting times!!!

    Hope you are ok! xxx

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