A – Z Challenge – Sci-Fi Films R is for Running Man

Hi there bloggies, I’ve been seeing some post warning me of an A – Z Challenge and I was curious. I’ve seen this around before but have never participated, for some mad reason I thought I would give it a go.

So here I am.

My theme is the A-Z of Scifi moves, I’ve not given this a great deal of thought and I know of a number but I won’t lie there’s some I will struggle with. I hope you enjoy them!

R is for Running Man

This is a great unsubtle action film of the 80’s, Arnie is kicked out of the security services for refusing to fire on civilians in a corrupt dystopian society of the future. Escaping prison he starts working for the underground movement to overthrow the powers that be.

Getting caught again he is forced to play the running man – a game where he has to fight to survive and apparently for his freedom. The Running Man is the biggest TV event going and everyone is behind it, making him out o be a mass murderer, the crowd hates him. So he must survive to live and makes sure the truth is told…

As I said this is a really unsubtle film, it doesn’t leave much to imagination but this is a really good film, this has a similar format to the Hunger Games. The hero entering into a game they can’t win to fight to survive.

As with the usual Arnie films of the time there are some fun one liners that raise a laugh.

With R done that means S is next… Oh the choices…

2001 – An Art Odyssey

Any of my long time bloggiesw ill know that one of my favourite all time SciFi stories is 2001 A Space Odyssey. For quite some time I’ve been thinking about what piece of work I could do for this. Eventually I chose this one, alshtough I have to say now that I would have done … Continue reading 2001 – An Art Odyssey

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