Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit – Blog Date 17-2019

Happy Monday bloggies, over her in the UK it’s a bank or public holiday – this is always a nice time of year, with several long weekends for free. I don’t know how it work i the rest of the world so let me know – do you have a public holiday where you are?

I’ve been either busy or out most of this week so I’ve not done anything special – but I have managed to carry on my Sci-Fi film A – Z. I’m hoping this week there will be a bit more variety, like this months Blog Battle entry. So watch out for it!

During the last Orbit

As you all know I decided to take up the A-Z Challenge, where I need to post 26 daily posts (not including Sunday) through April. Apparently it’s in it’s 10th year but nonetheless I have decided to carry this out for SciFi movies so here’s what lasts week’s entries were:

M is for the Matrix

N is for Nineteen Eighty Four

O is for Oblivion

P is for Pacific Rim

Q is for Q

H is still missing… I hope to get it out this week 😉

There’s going to be more A – Z this week so keep an eye out! It’s been great so far, I’ve discovered all these great stories I’ve mostly seen and you guys have shared with me what you have seen or like the sound of!

Post from Planet Simon Past

A little while back I was playing with some astrophotography and managed to catch my own moon shots…

Have a look:

Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Stories

Moon Shot (Not mine)

Out of this World Bloggers:

As a way of giving back to the blogging world and the great bloggies that you are I thought I would start featuring some of the great bloggies I know or have come across.

So this week’s lucky bloggies are:

Roger from Herioically bad Writers
Roger is a great supporter of Planet Simon and has been playing close attention to the A-Z series.

This blogger is a closet Sci-Fi fan that is doing a bad job of hiding it….

For me it’s back to work on Tuesday after about five days off, so I’ll see what I come back to… What are you bloggies doing over this week – anything fun and exciting going on?

Keep smiling and writing!

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A Lens to the Sky

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