Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit -Blog Date 44-2018

Hi there bloggies!

Another week begins and another blog obit comes around again. I awake today to find frost outside – that’s right, frost! I know we get hung up that it’s ‘only’ October but you know, it catches you by surprise. In any case, this really is now the slippery slope to Christmas with Halloween this week and Guy Fawkes night only a few days after.

Interesting how times change, we celebrate (allegedly) Guy Fawkes night becasue it was an attempt to blow up the houses of parliament that was thwarted, but these days I think we would celebrate if it actually was blown up with all the idiots running the show these days.

I digress… with all that’s been going on I haven’t spent much time creating stuff for Planet Simon and this is kind of disheartening. I don’t see how this will change much too soon but I have a few things that could be finished off to give you an idea of some of what I’ve been up to. so I really must get onto that. Last week saw only one post out and that was my blog battle entry for October and was called the Celestial Temple.


If you missed it have a look.



I threw in the idea of doing something with the Planet Simon brand and threw away the idea of t-shirts and to my surprise some of you took it out of the bin. I have no idea why but now you’ve given me the challenge of seeing what could be done on this. I have no illusions, this won’t pay the bills but it could be a bit of fun! So I’ll have to see what other fun could be had too…

Stick around and keep popping in. I’ll be about as much as I can. Still trying to work things out. See you about.

Keep writing and blogging…


Planet Simon



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14 thoughts on “Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit -Blog Date 44-2018

  1. I asked that because of the political upheaval our country is currently facing, just like England. Surely you’ve heard of the bombs being sent to those in the Democratic party, which by the way have encouraged and condoned violence against their political rivals. This type of non-sense needs to stop, we as a country need to unite and try and fix what’s broken. But anyway that’s enough of the political rhetoric from me. When can we see a first draft of the t-shirt design? lol

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  2. I am was a “mature student” as you put it. lol
    But lets not pigeon hole what the word “mature” means here shall we? I was a non-traditional student when I began my bachelor’s as well as when I began my Master’s. I just finished my Master’s degree as a matter of fact, in July of this year.
    As for the Brexit education, thank you for everything you’ve been kind enough to fill me in on. It’s very refreshing to have someone’s actually opinion than to assume what is going on in a country that isn’t your own. So to clarify about the NAFTA debacle we are facing here in the US, I am against it. This “agreement” that we have with Canada and Mexico really only benefits these two other countries. They tariff and tax our goods at a high percentage and we in turn give them the lowest taxes and tariffs we can possibly give. And then with Mexico not only do we impose the lowest taxes on their goods, we also provide them with aid for their military and domestic aid programs which are a joke. Because their government is so corrupt it’s not even funny, yet we continue to pay these types of aid and tariffs because those with liberal views want to appease the country that has the highest risk of turning on us to allow our southern border to be infiltrated in an act of war against the US. As you put it about Brexit, NAFTA is a fools dream thinking is it fair to the US when all we do is give away much needed funding and support. I hope that this in no way diminishes your opinion about me….lol

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    1. I didn’t know how to put it so that was the word I came up with, it merely meas a little older than in your twenties lol. You have done well getting all your degrees! Oh I see… that kind of makes sense why there’s opposition to it.
      Why would it diminish my opinion of you 🙂


  3. Oh dear…….Well that is probably as close to the greatest answer I’d get on this particular subject. Especially from someone in the UK. Because only a hand full of American’s know about Brexit and the mechanics of it. What I know of this is that when England announced this, the nations credit rating dropped and all hell broke lose politically. I followed this as it happened closely because I was in graduate school and one of my professors assigned us to research this drama for our class. Now, that’s not to say many of us still are able to understand this but when people vote for something like this and they don’t fully understand the ramifications it will be a clusterfuck of problems. Just like our North American Free Trade Agreement here in the states. I bet you can’t tell which side I’m on on this one? But I dare you to give it a guess. lol

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    1. I’m guessing you’re on the free trade side of it. Just a guess…
      The thing is that Brexit is vastly complex and what happened leading up to the vote is also complex and full of idiots serving their own cause.
      If you need more of a brain dump on it I would be happy to bore you to death. lol
      But a lot of it is just my view and what I’ve learned over time of how it works. This is to say nothing about the racist side that I totally abhor to say the least.

      I didn’t know you’re a student I thought you’re older or are you a mature student?

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  4. Hi Simon, I am glad to hear that your giving the t-shirt thing some consideration. That is wonderful to hear. I think you should put some serious time into the design, although your Planet Simon has a wonderful logo. I have something to ask as you mentioned that Guy Fawkes Day might be celebrated if that particular plot had come to fruition. How do you feel about this entire Brexit thing and what do you believe the consequences will be (if any) that England might face leaving the EU behind? Food for thought.

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    1. I think the logo I have need to change to something more customised. This will be the focus of my work for a while I think.

      This Brexit thing…Oh my oh my what damned fucking mess. Brexit is a fools dream of keeping our sovereignty and a waste of time. Brexit can do us no good I don’t think, certainly not in the short term and it’s going to be damaging. A lot of people voted for it based on out right lies told by Boris Johnson and Nigel (twat) Farage. Don’t get me wrong there’s a lot of things about how the EU works that not great but in my mind we’re better in than out and the way it’s going right now it doesn’t matter what the cost the government is going for Brexit no matter what the cost. Even if somehow we don’t end up in recession after Brexit the current government will get smashed for it in the next election if they keep going.
      This is something I get really angry about becasue really we shouldn’t have been given the vote on it, it’s too complex and issue for even switched on voters.

      In my mind eventually we will either go back into the EU some years down the road or become another state of the US.

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      1. I totally agree with you here Simon, on everything you said!!!!! I know T May isn’t the strongest PM we’ve ever had, but she was handed this mess out of no fault of her own and in my opinion is doing what she can – there is no-one else! What makes me mad is that Cameron created this monster and then ran when he should have stayed to sort it out and see it through. Anyway I really like Farages’ middle name, it suits him to a tee!! 🙂

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      2. What is Farage’s middle name? What makes me mad about him is he has a big house in france and a German wife or something. I’m like WTF?!?
        May, may (haha see what I did there) have been handed this but she accepted it and is making a dog breakfast of the whole thing. Not to mention the disaster of an election where she showed the true Tory blue. BUT I agree with you about Cameron, he should have stayed and sorted out the mess.

        What makes me more mad is the calls for a second referendum are growing and being ignored. It would solve so much and I don’t mean necessarily a way out but even to show if people want a hard or soft Brexit and stop this fighting.

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