Potentially Hospitable Enceladus

encalaedus1Despite it’s distance from the Sun in it’s cold orbit around Saturn, a sub surface ocean under Enceladus’ surface could harbour life.

via Potentially Hospitable Enceladus | NASA

No ownership claimed on images or materials. Credit: NASA / ESA


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  1. Oooh, I’ll have to read this later! Isn’t Enceladus the moon whose shape changes during its orbit thanks to the pull of Saturn’s gravity? If it possibly harbours life as well, that makes it doubly awesome, and totally deserving of its incredibly cool name!

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  2. It’s interesting this has gotten so much press. The older story is even more fascinating: one of the most exciting findings of Cassini was discovery of jets of icy particulate matter spewing from the southern polar region of Enceladus. Spectroscopic analysis of these plumes, shooting thousands of miles into space, found water vapor, methane, and other simple organic compounds.

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      1. I’ll be sad to see the end of the Cassini Mission. The Europa Clipper is exciting. Something about Enceladus and the ice jets is really compelling. Yes, it is a long shot that life exists way out there, but fun to imagine!

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