Murphy’s Law – Containers

Murphy’s law of probability or sod’s law is summarised by the saying “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” This is a new little series intended to be a numerous and light hearted look at the world of cock up. More often than anything it’s the small things in life that stress us out, I know this is the case with me. This is a kind of reverse psychology look at the fact that when things go wrong – it ain’t that bad really.




People not putting things away properly is another example of how the agent of Murphy works. They take the shortcut and leave you with a mess. Of course, nobody is to blame for this and Mr Nobody did it.

The worst case scenario for this is that you have woken up and are struggling to find the coffee jar, or some other kind of pot. You need that early morning boost to get you going. After much rooting around through bleary eyes you find it. Cheerful (as much as you can be after you’ve woken up) that you have found it you lift the jar out. A split second later the jar and it’s contents are all over the floor, leaving you with the lid in your hand.

You scream. Murphy’s Law has struck. Again.

This situation has also struck me at work, with tubes of electronic components put away without the rubber end put back. Lifting the tube out and turning it on end to identify the devices has left me with a couple of hundred parts to pick up.

Not only has there been screaming but the air turns a distinct shade of blue.



What’s you view on Murphy’s Law? How has it struck you in the past… I hope you my fellow bloggies enjoy this little featurette.

Simon 🙂

16 thoughts on “Murphy’s Law – Containers

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  1. I used to buy into such frustrations but now find laughing loudly makes the situation much more comical! And can bring people running to see what’s happening so they can enjoy your misadventure also ….

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  2. Hahaha! This makes me think of a sad day a few years ago, when I put a bottle of beer into the freezer to chill for a few minutes. Can you believe that the Agent of Murphy was actually hiding INSIDE my teeny ice compartment, and when I opened the door to retrieve my frosty beverage, they maliciously pushed it out and caused it to smash on the kitchen floor? The horror! 😱

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  3. Well, yeah… I kind of try to not give Murphy’s law too much attention. Focus on the good stuff instead. Like not having dropped the jar and stepped in sharp parts of it afterwards… kind of. But I think it’s just because I try to get myself to not hang on to negative things too much. I do know that often, when it rains it pours but hey, there might be a rainbow afterwards after all.

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