Planet Simon Weekly Roundup

So it’s the end of another wekk, another week of work and the trials of life and to be honest the way I feel right now is perfectly illustrated in the header image of this post. I won’t go into details, but let’s say the world is a hateful place sometimes.

I’m hoping I can having a weekend with a little of this…


I hope so – becasue I bloody need it!

On another note, this blog passed 500 followers this week. Thanks very much to all of you for your support!


Simon 3


I’ve decided I’m dropping posting music daily on my blog – it may still come up and I hope it does – but for now it’s being shelved and I’m going to try and concentrate on writing more both on and off the blog.

However this is not until the end of April, so there;s still some music trcks to put on here. Si I finished off the movie themes and have started the ending on Two Steps from Hell.


Oblivion – Waking-up

Two Steps from Hell – Heart of Courage

Two Steps from Hell – Mercy in Darkness




I’ve been cheating this week – I’ve been a bit lazy and I’ve not been creating my own posts much. Ther’e have a been a few space posts though:

Space – A week in Images

Pluto’s atmosphere and icy plains


Writing and stuff:

So this week of course was the blog battle and I posted the fourth part of the Titan Mystery story:

Titan Mystery – Part 4

I’ve also had the idea for a virtual blog spaceship adventures. So far this had generated a lot of interest, but I’m hoping to get more people on board for crew. Have a look here for more info:

Spaceship Explorer looking for crew


Other bloggers and posts:

I like to promote a few bloggers and posts.I want to present two bloggers this week:





With Sacha Black’s post on Nominations for Bloggers Awards now Open being my post of the week! There we are – another week done with. See you next week!

Simon ๐Ÿ™‚



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