The Titan Mystery – The Conclusion

Though the darkness of deep space a lone spacecraft moved slowly towards a rippling tear of energy in space. The Atlas, the ship sent to rescue the Tycho and it's crew moved towards its reported position. "We've not been able to pick up the Tycho on sensors Captain and they should be here!" Captain William … Continue reading The Titan Mystery – The Conclusion


The Titan Mystery – Part 16

The seconds passes and on the Tycho not a word was said, everyone held their breath. Then in a dizzying flash the core detonated. The screen went blank for a moment as all the visual sensors were over loaded. McKinley turned to Neila. "Now would be a good time!" Neila was already on it, the … Continue reading The Titan Mystery – Part 16

The Titan Mystery – Part 15

Tranquility lifted slowly from the landing deck, the extra weight of the mechanoids making the thruster motors strain under the weight. In a few seconds the vessel had lifted  and pushed itself gently through the  opening out into space. "We nearly didn't make that!" Collins complained. "We're too heavy! What's that robot doing on top?" … Continue reading The Titan Mystery – Part 15

The Titan Mystery – Part 14

The trip back through the hyperloop to the station nearest to Tranquility seemed to McKinley to have taken and age. The door opened to the capsule and they all started to dismount, the mechanoids first then Blake and his Marines following with everyone else after. "You and you team keep a look out, I have … Continue reading The Titan Mystery – Part 14

The Titan Mystery – Part 13

McKinley was nearing exhaustion with Dave, he had tried to convince him that focusing the sighting portal on the time and place that Seanna was killed was the right thing to do and it was useless. He was a machine and he had his in built programs give him his ethics. Dave was in control … Continue reading The Titan Mystery – Part 13

The Titan Mystery – Part 12

McKinley and the others had nowhere to go, they all stood around the capsule with their weapons raised and ready to attack. Even with Blake and his Marines there would be no hope of surviving their assault. McKinley looked across at Blake. "This is going to be tricky one to get out of!" Blake scoffed in … Continue reading The Titan Mystery – Part 12

The Titan Mystery – Part 11

McKinley couldn't move - he wasn't sure what stunned him most, whatever it was that had knocked him to the floor or that Seanna was just... gone. Standing there, looking at where she had last stood, motionless. He was vaguely aware of others around him, of people. But it somehow didn't matter now. "Sir!" Blake … Continue reading The Titan Mystery – Part 11

The Titan Mystery – Part 10

McKinley stared ahead at the tunnel ahead of him, racing past as once again he was travelling in another of what seemed like many hyperloop conduits. It had been a hard choice to split the team up, but it seemed the best and safest option. Seanna was taking charge of the science and technical teams back … Continue reading The Titan Mystery – Part 10

The Titan Mystery – Part 9

McKinley stood in front of the strange being, wondering what was going to come next. instead it seemed pre-occupied. "How can we help you?" McKinley prompted him, hoping to get some idea or clue to what was going on. "Help... yes, McKinley. I'm sorry, the problem I have in concentrating is part of what is … Continue reading The Titan Mystery – Part 9

The Titan Mystery – Part 8

McKinley looked on through the tunnel as their little hyperloop car sped through the vastness  of the spacecraft. As he was thinking about this he thought it curious that a ship this size was built almost completely empty. What was it's purpose? Why was it here? There would have to have been crew and many … Continue reading The Titan Mystery – Part 8

The Titan Mystery – Part 7

Seanna and McKinley stood there, the wild haired man grinning back at them with a devious look. The backdrop of the huge Titan behind the man it's scale in stark contrast to any human form. He stepped forward towards McKinley as he did so Seanna raised her plasma rifle and armed it. She pointed it … Continue reading The Titan Mystery – Part 7

The Titan Mystery – Part 6

McKinley and Seanna stood there watching as the wirey old McKinley tapped away at the hatch controls. A few seconds later the door halves split open and open outwards. It was dark down there, nothing could be seen. "Secure that man" McKinley ordered the team that just walked into the room "If he so much … Continue reading The Titan Mystery – Part 6