Digital Art with InkScape – Drawing a Pumpkin

As it’s Halloween month I thought I would create some seasonal drawings. This pumpkin drawing is a simple and quick little sketch that quite cool.

Pumpkin Body

Create a shape like this from a rectangle.

Pumpkin Body 2

Create another rectangle shape like this.

Merge the Body

Lay one over the other.

The Stalk

The stalk is made from the pen tool, using a triangular shape.

I make it straight, thickness 5.

I rotated it (selection tool).

Then bended it with the node tool

Marge the Body / Stalk Parts

I Put the stalk in position and merged the shaped with the Path > Union tool.

Make the Face

Create the face using the pen tool with curves turned off and the shape set to None.

I copied and flipped the eye to make it the same. Select all the objects Path > Union

Add it to a layer above the pumpkin.

Cut Out the Face

Move the face over the pumpkin (I make the pumpkin slightly transparent to see this).

The cut the face out with the Difference Tool.

Path > Difference.

Create a Glowing Inside

To give the a nice illumination effect create two circles on a layer under the pumpkin. One larger than the other both must easily fit into the pumpkin.

Make the smaller yellow and in Fileter > Blur > Feather added a blur of 8

The Larger Circle is made Orange and added Dark and Glow Filter under Filters . Shadows and Glows.

I like this pumpkin and I’m adding it to my spooky scene which will be revealed soon.

Any ideas for something that you’re struggling with? Let me know.

© Simon Farnell 2013 – 2022

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2 thoughts on “Digital Art with InkScape – Drawing a Pumpkin

  1. Wow, your instruction is so easy……thanks for posting. Now if you could post something about making a shark head out of cardboard that’d be great, ugh. We’re having a team Halloween door decorating contest at work. The theme movie monsters and my big mouth chose Jaws…..🙄😏

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