Sci-Fi Moments – The Unexpected

Science fiction is full of shocking moments, moments where either out loud or in your head and asking “What’s going on? No way!” So this is a post filled with some of those shock moments – enjoy and chip in if you can think of some.

Star Wars – I am your Father!

This is perhaps one of the most iconic scenes from any of the Star Wars films and it paves the way as the setting for not only the rest of the original trilogy but the entire epic saga.

Darth Vader’s murderous voice telling Luke “I – am your father!”

Captain Lorca – Star Trek Discovery

Star Trek Discovery – great series and in season 1 captain Lorca’s devisive character seems out of place in starfleet. The reason why becomes apparent towards the end of season 1.

He’s from the Terran dimension.

Interstellar – Ranger 2 Detach

This amazing film deals plenty of surprises, the biggest one that no one saw coming, not even Dr Brand was Cooper’s sacrifice to shed weight from Endurance so it could escape the gravity well of Gargantua.

Death of Gamora

One of the most powerful scenes in Infinity War (at least for me) was the sacrifice of Gamora by Thanos so he could gain the soul stone. Just when you thought that he had failed, just when you thought there was hope he couldn’t succeed.

Star Wars Solo – Darth Maul

This one got me. Right at the end of Solo – Darth Maul appears with robotic legs. Chopped in half by Obi Wan some years before it obviously wasn’t enough to kill him. Not sure how that works, but hey. That’s Sci-Fi for you.

What do you think of these? Are there better ones I should have thought of? Maybe I’ll include them in a later post?

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19 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Moments – The Unexpected

      1. They are now. Disney essentially erased anything that wasn’t a movie or Marvel comic before they bought out the franchise. The Clone Wars cartoons being the only real exception but I’m blanking on how involved Disney was with them.

        So now, all the Movies are canon, but Disney has talked about remaking the first six to their SJW tastes. All Marvel comics are canon, even the first run in the 70s and 80s, and so are Clone Wars, Rebels, and Resistance.


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