Emma writes some great science posts, this one on orbits is really good though and I had to reblog it.

I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.

Simon šŸ™‚

Science at Your Doorstep


Since Aristotleā€™s time over 2000 years ago, we have accepted that the moon orbits the Earth. We didnā€™t always know why, and we didnā€™t always accept this for the right reasons.

We used to assume that it happened just because we saw the moon move across the sky, and we believed the Earth to be the center of all motion in the solar system. But even when we realizedā€”in the 1540s CEā€”that the sun was in fact the center of the solar system, the moon kept its place around the Earth.

And rightfully so. Astronomers now know that the moon orbits the Earth based on scientific observation, rather than the ā€œlogicalā€ guesses of Aristotleā€™s time. And we even know why it orbitsā€”gravity, the one force in all the universe we canā€™t escape.

But I can tell you, the moonā€™s orbit isnā€™t a perfect circle, and if gravity wereā€¦

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