Minion Thoughts – Auto Correct

That’s happens to me lots, although right now my auto correct is pretty pants. 

Simon ☺️


45 thoughts on “Minion Thoughts – Auto Correct

  1. I’m lucky enough to have autoUNcorrect installed in all my devices. It’s great – you type the word correctly, often multiple times, and every time it changes your spelling to something different and completely outlandish. Technology makes all of our lives easier! 😒

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      1. Ehhhh… Nexus 7 tablet, I think? But I get the same problem on my phone, which is newer. I suppose I’m asking for it a bit when I use the swipey keyboard feature, but sometimes it doesn’t even recognise words when I type them out letter by letter… Especially after an update! 😆

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      2. I always loved my Nexus 7 it was brilliant until the updates meant it worked like a snail. I love the swipey text and it’s ok most of the time, I just get carried away and don’t look at what I’m doing. Lol


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