So here we are again – another Monday morning and a whole load of challenges ahead. As it seems this year in the UK Autumn started the minute September came, this makes getting the house and garden ready for winter all that more problematic as I try and avoid the deluges. This coupled with finishing off the shower room has given more more than I need to keep me out of trouble and away from my writing – this is frustrating! But saying this Autumn is my favorite time of year!


With the weather closing in though the hope that writing time will come the crappy weather isn’t unreasonable. I know Sacha is holding me to my target and I’m very aware of this!

Speaking of Sacha, if you guys don’t know the @BloggersBash is now running the weekly #BloggersBashChat. It’s a fun and interesting way to connect with other bloggers and we’re even pulling some bloggers from their Bloggers site to WordPress on the back of this. Have a look and make sure you’re ready to chat between 7pm and 8pm UK time to take part.

I’m still trying to get my promised projects into posts for you, this is I’m sorry to say more drawn out than a speech in Florence. Thanks for being great bloggies though.

Along with this are some of the regular musings and sharing from life as we know it. Also make sure you keep up in my other places on the interweb:

Planet Simon Facebook Page






Thanks guys – keep smiling and writing!

Simon 🙂



10 thoughts on “Manic Monday Landing on Planet Simon

  1. Early autumn means more autumn! It’s my favourite time of the year too! 😀 I’m actually not seeing much of a difference between now and most of the summer… Except for the shorter evenings, obviously. Hope you manage to get some time to yourself this week, Simon!

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    1. I like, that, it sounds like autumn is pulling out on. I would think you won’t see much difference as it runs all the time there right? 😜
      Not much me time… Been a serious week at work.


      1. Good show!
        Not too bad. Book is as finished as it can be, and now I’m footling around with my own DIY cover….boldly going etc.
        (And my son convinced me that Netflix was a good thing, and it is…binge(ish) watching- currently ‘Orphan Black’)

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      2. I’m looking forward to the book, good luck with it. Are you sorted with it or do you need any advice?
        I don’t get to binge watch anything. Although Netflix is pretty good.

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      3. Thanks Simon.
        I’ve tightened everything up with self-editing/proof reading etc……even if I say so m’self (though a couple more of read throughs won’t do any harm).
        It’s the cover thing is my big challenge, I have the quirky picture I wanted, it’s footling about with it and how to footle about with it, will be a journey into the unknown.
        No, I’m sure you don’t get to binge watch…I remember those days…not too sure if an hour + at night and 30 mins + in the morning counts 🙃…maybe it’s just speed-watching episode after episode🙃🙃.


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