Countdown to Cassini’s Grand Finale

Cassini is now on it’s way towards it’s grand and ultimately destructive finale! Using Saturn’s largest Moon titan to fling it into a polar orbit between Saturn’s ring and it’s outer atmosphere it will complete 22 weekly obits of Saturn before plunging into Saturn’s atmosphere on September 15th

via Countdown to Cassini’s Grand Finale / Cassini-Huygens / Space Science / Our Activities / ESA

Titan on flyby to Cassini’s final orbit

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Simon šŸ™‚

No ownership claimed on images or materials – Credit ESA / NASA


8 thoughts on “Countdown to Cassini’s Grand Finale

  1. I know technically Cassini is a collection of various parts put together to function at operators commands but I still can’t help thinking:
    ‘Awww. Poor, brave Cassini. I’ll miss you,’
    I wonder if a few tears will be shed or stifled at NASA?

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      1. Agreed.
        After all who knows really what does go through all those sophisticated devices put together into one? Sent out on a project and then given an order to terminate.
        Makes one wonder?

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