10 Things to know in the solar system this week.

No ownership claimed on material. Credit NASA

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34 thoughts on “10 Things to know in the solar system this week.

  1. Another collection of incredible images Simon, small wonder the folk at NASA are excited about the times they live in.
    Images of the cosmos are the perfect antidote to the bombast and egos of those who infect our lives; no matter who they might be, what office they hold, quick a quick glance at the cosmos puts them right in perspective….hardly even a speck on a speck on a speck in a segment of Planck Time

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      1. Ahh it’s the Human Condition Simon, goes with the turf.
        Just keep on keeping on, doing the best you can, as you can, when you can; stick with Compassion, Respect and Tolerance (that last one is not so easy!) and bear in mind as far as The Universe is concerned none of these ‘Great Leaders’ count for any more than you do.
        (Though you are allowed to rant from time to time, a good rant clears out the passages)

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      2. Feeling better is the most important thing.
        It is a gladsome feeling to look at or hear some ‘important’ person and say ‘idiot!’ 😏

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  2. Very interesting! Loved learning about the farside of the moon, never really knew that bit before. And the reflection on the pale blue dot is truly awe-inspiring…

    Sometimes when I get overwhelmed by my little human problems, I watch NASA’s live feed over at YouTube to remind myself of my insignificance and how I shouldn’t be worrying as much as I am, haha.

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      1. Yeah.. so each of us ends up thinking in terms of “I” / “me” — this is a problem for “me”, how is this going to affect “me”, etc…and so collectively we’ve cultured an anxiety-prone society. Maybe we can relieve ourselves of that by just taking a step back and realizing for ourselves, “hey, I’m in fact so small, and in the grander scheme of things my worries ain’t that grand.” πŸ™‚

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