The Explorer Voyages

This is the homepage of the Explorer Voayages – we’re getting ready for the launch mission.

The idea of this is simple, in the setting of a spaceship in the future the Captain (myself) details the happenings of a mission in his log. Various other bloggers have taken posts within the spaceship, these bloggers will use my log entry as a prompt to write their own log of the mission from their point of view.

Each blogger posts their entry on their blog (or they can email it to me) and the final story will be linked to each of the crew log entry’s. Confused? You might be…


The crew as it stands now are:


Myself, a dremer, problem solver and thinker. Ready to lead this cre into whatever comes our way:


2nd in Command:

Kim has been ‘manoevered’ into the spot of my right hand person. Kim is resposible for my inspiration behind this and so it’s only fair that she’s 2IC. Her first command posting but I’m certain a capable officer.


Operations Manager (3rd in Command):

Position Open


Flight Officer:

Adam has come in as an experinced flight officer. Steering the Explorer to those great and dangerous places – there’s no better man for the job.


Medical Officer:

Position Open



Vic is a feeling person and will be dealing with the feeling of those on the Explorer. Helping them to overcome fear and self doubt. She may even be able to tell me if someone’s hiding something…


Security Officer:

Volunteering to step up to security is Leigh – be it android or shape shifter her character is sure to be interesting.

Chief Science Officer:

One of the first to sign up is Niki – interested in science she’s got an interest in geology and is going to be a great chief science officer.


Science Officer #1:

Position Open


Ships cook:

With a few microwaves, a couple of microwave meals and if the ship will stop rocking for five minutes Rachael will be the ships cook and no doubt will be offering her words of wisdom along the way.

Where to begin the adventure . . .


Chief Engineering Officer:

Every space ship needs it’s chief of engineering and we’ve got a great Scots lassie in the form of Kerry. I’m hoping she can do great things with gaffa tape.


Engineering Officer #1:

Roger is going to be the stalwart engineer, keeping things going and never setting a foot on a planet.


IXS Enterprise

This is a peroject, a place for those who dare to try out a bit of sci fi fictional writing. I want it to be fun, each writer can make it what they like and it will be put together at the end of each mission to give a story account from everyone’s point of view.

Positions aren’t closed – join in if you dare!


(Pictures are credited to NASA and are of the IXS Enterprise. I hope to create our own spacecraft soon)

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