Leaping the Void

I've not done a blog battle for a while, so for a bit of fun I thought I would take part this time and see how it goes. The weeks theme is Darkness. Leaping the Void: The darkness was enveloping her mind and vision. Overloaded with the sensations of sounds and the crippling force that … Continue reading Leaping the Void


Writers – Get into the writing mood!

I found this really great bit of writing advice from Mandy Wallace via Pinterest, She challenged her readers to share it - so share it I will! I this she talks about overcoming writing blocks by creating the right moods and how this can be done. via Writers: Get Into the Writing Mood With This … Continue reading Writers – Get into the writing mood!

Writing Prompt – Esther’s Monday Motivations

Esther has really pushed the boat out this week, with three lines to be included in here Monday Motivations challenge: Write a flash fiction piece of between 50-200 words with the following three lines in it somewhere. The lines don’t have to follow on from one another: The glass smashed to the floor He was … Continue reading Writing Prompt – Esther’s Monday Motivations