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Numpty’s – Managerial Skills

Another Numpty’s cartoon – continuing the ritual abuse of office politics and all that good stuff!



Simon 🙂


Where am i? 

This is a little update message to all of my dear bloggies some of which I know have missed me. I don’t know maybe some of you haven’t lol. But it’s been about five weeks into the new job now and I’ve been as busy as hell and trying put put on any posts has been challenging. Especially as I don’t get much time in my evenings for much.

Starting at the beginning I’ve started working for a company that’s creating waves in the field of medical robotics. I’m designing circuits for them and hopefully were going to be doing great things for people who need surgery. I really can’t tell y much more than that because it’s all pretty hush hush and commercially sensitive information that my new bosses dont want put out there. But as soon as anything becomes public I will be sure to be putting up something about it as it really is something interesting and I hope I can look back and say I had a small part in that in years to come.

Writing wise – don’t ask. Really not much has been going on. A few days ago I managed to get the Circuit Mechanix published about a month too late because time has been so tight. I have projects I’ve been working on that in reality haven’t moved in the last six weeks and I really need to visit them soon and find a way to keep them moving. My Titan story still needs finishing off and is in reality in the final two parts. I’m hoping to finish them as soon as I can so that’s done and I can concentrate on the larger projects that I need to complete or at least keep moving. 

Life goes on as always with its ups and downs and I’m still about, I’ll try and keep up with you all a bit as you keep posting your wonderful work here. The community that is found in WordPress is quite amazing and it’s the part I miss most. But I have great ambitions for what. Want to do going forward, so watch this space….or this planet. It’s not stopped spinning yet, in fact it has a long way to go yet!

Stay safe all of you and stay well, keep on prodding me if you so wish I will appreciate it. With the clocks going back fast approaching I’m looking forward with a little dread as i think I suffer a little with SAD and have done unknowingly for many years. Maybe I’ll shake it off this year and the business will be a blessing in that sense. 

Take care amazing bloggies!

Simon 😀

Whats happening on Planet Simon

As my more regular bloggers will have noticed I’ve not been around much the last couple of weeks, posts are Les and less and I’m not about to look at your great work so much. It’s a bit of a bummer if truth be told, but there it is. This si what happens with a busy work and home life and I’m trying to work my way round it all but I have to be honest it’s getting hard. There’s so much I want to put up on here and so much i want to do in life in general and yet things keep getting in the way.

I’m hoping that the ancient God of blogs is going to give mea break soon so that I can be about a bit more, but we’ll see.

On top of this I have September’s Circuit Mechanix magazine to finish and publish on it’s own blog in the next week or two. With this i have a secret project I’m working on (or meant to be) that is also shouting for some time.

The Titan mystery story is in its final stages, to date this is the single largest collective piece of work I have written, but I’m hoping that this will change soon with some of the ideas that I have. It’s how I fit all of this in, I have my core bloggers that I make sure I keep up with and I get a daily update from my inbox, this is good. The bad side to this is I can see the amount of blog i have to try and keep up on.

reading… yeah. Thats it really.

So, just know that I’ve not forgotten you guys and i miss you, I’m kind of about and looking to get back whenever I can. Keep it up you’re all amazing!

Simon 😀

I did it!!!!!


The power of our own future really is in our mind, I wavered yesterday – I almost didn’t do it!

Then today I though -Fuck it! I got the letter and I handed it to my boss – I resigned. Now the path for my future is possibly clearer. We will see, it might not be bright or orange or any other colour, rosy or bleak. But I’ve actually changed something and I can work with this and maybe make a difference in my life for the better.

Watch this space…

Simon 🙂



Working in a Small Office

20140405_BRD001_0 From the slurping of tea, to the gurgling of water and the crunching, munching, chewing of an Apple, working in a small office is driving me up the damn wall! The office is meant to take 6 people maximum according to the health and safety rules, however we have 8 people often jammed in. I get in early so I can get space and quiet for a little time before the rest of the gang arrive. Starting early at about 9am the first of them enter, slurping their tea – grr… Then one after the other they all arrive normally all slurping their tea or gurgling back a glass of water. Oh pleeeease for the love of mercy stop this torture!

The morning continues with a rustle, crunch, chomp in between more slurps and gurgles. When lunchtime comes I cannot sit around and listen to the chicken and salad sandwiches being masticated and digested. I have to leave and sit somewhere quiet.  I find the bench around the corner and lose myself in a little Lord of the Rings while I munch away – Away from others so they don’t have to hear me!

I walk back into the office, now a little more chilled. This soon ends and it now feels like I’ve walked into a oven. Wow, it’s so hot and my colleague insists on keeping the windows shut because (and I quote) “I don’t want the cold on my neck”. I want to yell – It’s July for crying out loud! Pleeease can open the window? Or turn on the aircon? Nope – no way. Grumbling I get on with some work, trying to concentrate in the baking, melting heat.

I’m flagging by about 3pm, woken starkly by the sound of water being guzzled, then ‘crunch’ someone is now eating an apple. Oh for fuck’s sake! Back on with the headphones, playing Two Steps from Hell – appropriately because that’s what this feels like. By the time I get to go at about 4.30pm I’m ready to go and sticking around is not on my mind. If you also working in an over populated office you have my sympathies, I’m not an antisocial person, I’m actually quite happy on the whole, despite it all. Neither am I prone to violence – normally, however I find it increasingly difficult to stay sane when I hear my colleagues consume in such intimate detail. So who ever in management thinks cramming people in is good – you fucking try it! Simon 🙂