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Keep Track of Your Conversations in One Place

Hi there all, I just found out that WordPress have put in a nive new conversations feature where we can see all of our conversations in one place!

Have a look!

Simon 🙂

The WordPress.com Blog

Today, we’re introducing Conversations: a tool in the Reader that makes it easier for you to monitor and participate in the discussions you care about the most.

Let’s face it: it can be hard to keep track of all the conversations you take part in online. When your favorite posts generate an active discussion, you might miss out on some meaningful exchanges. To find out if a post has new comments, you would have to manually search for it in your stream, or enable comment emails, which would then fill your inbox with every single comment coming from that post.

With the new Conversations page, new comments on your followed posts on any WordPress.com or Jetpack-connected sites will all appear in a single stream, including for sites you don’t follow. You’ll now be able to read and add your replies without having to leave the Reader!


You can also…

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My muffins are making spam!

You might think I’ve had one muffin too many when looking at the title of this, but don’t judge me yet. Instead have a look at this:

These are no the only exples of spam comments going onto my mouth watering muffins post, about 80% of my spam goes to this post and it’s been the same for ages.

What is it that makes spam go to this post?

Don’t expect any startling revelations about this, because I have no idea!

Simon 🙂

WordPress ‘Press This’

While attending the bloggers bash on Saturday our guest Lucas told us about a function on WordPress called ‘Press This’

It was suggested that this could be used an alternative to the re-blog. I’m trying it out now on this post and I have to say it’s very useful – particularly if you want to post something from the internet or a part of it. It’s got more features than the reblog and you don’t need to be in WordPress to use it either – it’s pretty neat!

Have a look at the instructions on how to use it – it’s easy to set up!

via Press This — Support — WordPress.com

Simon 🙂