The Destruction of Democracy

Look at that title – The Destruction of Democracy, it sounds like the title of some dystopian sci-fi novel or something. It also could be the start of some great conspiracy theory but how would much would it scare you to know that this is happening now and in a way has already happened? Would it scare you more to think that you, we, you and I are being used as the tools to destroy democracy?

Far fetched?


How about fact, but don’t take my word for it – Google Cambridge Analytica. When I Googled this among the search results was an image at the top right, depicting a brain and the words “Data-driven behaviour change.” Looking at some of the highlights of the other Google results are a mix of results with Trump and Brexit in them. To explain this a little better is a (rather long) article from the Guardian:


So what we have is a company using data from social media to deliver specific military style propaganda to individuals based on their social background – all of this being done by data derived by social media.

Now let’s get a bit more up to date – the UK elections, called in order to secure Brexit and a large Conservative lead. What already seems have turned into a presidential style campaign with a deranged May shouting her mouth off about conspiracies from within the EU it seems there’s an even darker twist to their campaign. It’s been said that the Conservatives campaign may be using the services of guess who? Yup – Cambridge Analytica!


So what we’re facing here is a lot of people being bombarded with subtle but powerful persuasion in order to win votes and gain power. If this is true it stinks! We’re now faced with the choice of voting for those we think are unvotable or the billionaire data hackers? What’s the world coming to?

If this is true could this be the start of dystopia?

The end of any kind of recognizable democracy?

If it’s true… makes you think doesn’t it?

Simon :-/


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