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Where my feet have been – My Home Town

Just recently I had the lucky chance to visit the town where I grew up. It’s the one thing I have in common with Tim Peake as we grew up in the same part of the world – apparently.

One of the things I love about going back to my home town is being near the sea and the shores that are still so familiar to me.




The chance to enjoy this with a little crabbing is too good to pass up and it means a bit of quiet time with just the waves and fortunately a bit of sun.

This pontoon is great for getting much further out into the sea – some of the crabs were pretty big and most of them wanted a bite of stinky bacon.

I miss the sea…

Simon 🙂


Going to the seaside

Going to the seaside is fun, the smells the sounds as it sets nearer. Seagull’s screech overhead and people milling about in all directions.

The sea washes up the shandy and stony shore in its relentless nature, the sand and sea between your toes and the sandcastles that are built to jold back the sea in hours of endless fun.

I leave making sure that I leave my mark and depart, with sticky sand still between my toes and an ice cream in one hand. I love the seaside.

Simon 🙂