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Where is Elon’s Roadster and Starman?

It seems like only yesterday the Elon Musk’s roadster and starman was launched into space on an orbit in the Mars neighbourhood. On this day there was so much excitement not seen in a long time and of course it was again proved that the Earth is round (like d’uh!).


But since then a little website has started which is tracking the position of the roadster – www.whereisroadster.com gives out live data of the position of the roadster from Earth, speed and position.

Sure the site has only a little scientific interest and is quite geeky but what it does show is a simple look at how orbits and trajectories can work. It’s pretty neat. Have a look!

Simon ☺️

Images credit: Space X


Elon Musk’s Hitchhiker has taken his guide

As I write this, the euphoria of Space X’s successful Falcon Heavy launch is still fresh.

As you may or may not be aware the test payload was a Tesla car playing David Bowie’s Space Oddity with a dummy star man at the wheel. This is dicking about at a rather ultimate level and yet there’s more.

On Twitter my eagle eye spotted the infamous words ‘Don’t Panic’ from Douglas Adams Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. What a fitting tribute. I hope star man remembered his towel!

Simon ☺️

Images credit: Space X

Boeing and Space X’s epic space race to Mars

The new space race is here. Just as in the 1960’s where Russia and America raced to get a man standing on the Moon Mars is now in the sights of two competing tribes. This time though it’s not countries but companies that are fighting it out.

Boeing’s Space Launch System (SLS)

Boeing has boldly claimed that the mega rocket it’s building for NASA will get a human to Mars before Elon Musk’s Space X can. In a Tweet aimed directly at Elon Musk they threw down the gauntlet, Musk accepted this and now as they say the game is on!

Credit: Will Boeing Beat Space X to Mars?

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