The Great Galactic Service Station – The Conclusion

After a few weeks of aliens coming in and out of the station it was like the Great Galactic Service Station had always been there. Ralph had become acquainted with a vast number of alien life forms and he had also managed to keep the ketchup off his uniform. The galactic emperor had drafted in... Continue Reading →


The Great Galactic Service Station – Part 15

One thing that is universally accepted as being a source of irritation to a race of beings is to rack up one day with a huge space station and star sucking energy out of the core of their home planet. It usually leads to a fairly nasty and bloody battle, well usually is an understatement... Continue Reading →

Nice Suit Darth…

I love this joke... Bu then there was this other bit I found, I don't know who asked Darth about it though! Simon 🙂 No ownership claimed on material

Creating the Titan

One of the reasons I started creating my own cover art for my own stories is becasue up until now I've taken a lot of other art from off the internet. This often has the result of really annoying people. It also means I'm not using what's really in my head. Because of this and... Continue Reading →

Death Star – In Amazing Detail

I saw this and thought - wow! Someone has so much time on their hands to draw a cutaway Death Star is so much detail!   I wish I could say I had done this myself but I haven't: Death Star cut away drawing Simon 🙂

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