What’s the Energy with Matter?

If you've read the title and thinking that I've got it the wrong way around or I've gone mad, I'm sorry it is the right way around and... well let's leave the madness thing. What this is about is Eisenstein's quote about the face that all matter is basically energy. Everything is energy and that's all there … Continue reading What’s the Energy with Matter?


The Fabric of Space / Time and Relativity

This simple little diagram gives us a crude 2D visualisation of what gravity and relativity in space is about...   http://astronomyblog.tumblr.com/post/170835503086/astronomyblog-according-to-general-relativity Credit: Astronomyblog on Tumblr   Planet Simon   Also find Planet Simon on Twitter Come and visit find me on my Planet Simon Facebook Page Find some of my pictures on Instagram Also look me up on: Pinterest  … Continue reading The Fabric of Space / Time and Relativity