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What is a father?

Being the topical kind of guy I am, I was thinking this morning about what a father is so I put my thoughts into this post.

A father is someone who has photo’s where their money used to be 

– unknown

This is a quote I saw years ago and to me it’s perhaps the most accurate statement of what a father is.
The stereotypical father is a man that is out the door to work before the house is up, back at whatever time for meat and three veg, out to the pub on a Friday, is often grumpy and shouts when things go wrong and spends the weekend watching football and the F1.

While this is maybe true of some or even many fathers the true essence lies between lines of the stereotypical father.

  • Theres the father the provider.
  • Theres the father that instills their values.
  • Theres the father the social animal.
  • Then theres the father the man, competitive and striving.

Every father is different and marks the family with their own stamp that’s part of who they are. They want it to be a reflection of them and what they think is right and wrong. 

They know they don’t get it right all the time, I rarely do. But the striving never stops and neither does their love. Even in the midst of the fear, anger and maybe even hopelesses they may feel.

Just like in F1 – just because your pit stop put you back three places or you started near the back. It doesn’t mean they accept it. It pushes them to drive harder.

So for today… Give him a rest. Happy fathers day!

Simon šŸ˜Š