Where is Elon’s Roadster and Starman?

It seems like only yesterday the Elon Musk's roadster and starman was launched into space on an orbit in the Mars neighbourhood. On this day there was so much excitement not seen in a long time and of course it was again proved that the Earth is round (like d'uh!).   But since then a … Continue reading Where is Elon’s Roadster and Starman?


The Falcon Heavy – Where it stands in the Rocket League

With the first launch of Space X's Falcon Heavy rocket - where it stands against the rockets of the world through time gives us an idea of the power these modern rockets are going to be able to provide.   http://spaceexp.tumblr.com/post/170264340869/how-the-falcon-heavy-stacks-up-against-the-rockets Simon 🙂 Credit: Reddit Tumblr Page