Planet Simon – Weekly Roundup

After a couple of weeks hiding because of all that's gone on in the world, I'm starting to come to terms with it all and see what's on the horizon. This in life are still chaos and I'm pretty tired and need a break, but you know it's life eh? I'm trying to keep on … Continue reading Planet Simon – Weekly Roundup


Planet Simon – Weekly Roundup

It's been a hard week this week, but we got there in the end, it's a long weekend with Monday off so things must be good! My minion friends have been entertaining you all as usual with the unique wit and their thoughts on shoes sizes as one gets bigger and whatever you do - … Continue reading Planet Simon – Weekly Roundup

ESA – A Week in Pictures

ESA has again graced my emails with a weeks worth of pictures, featuring Mars in opposition, Earth from ISS after it's 100,000th orbit, our favourite comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, a martian crater and a mosaic image of Africa. Look at the link for more...   No ownsership claimed on any of the images or material. Credit … Continue reading ESA – A Week in Pictures

ESA Lunar Explorer

This is something I got sent from ESa - it's pretty cool. It's a lunar explorer where you're presented with a graphical Moon explorer and can find out about all the different missions and explorations that have taken place. Being spacey and geeky I loved it: Simon 🙂 No ownsership claimed on materials or … Continue reading ESA Lunar Explorer