Monday Motivation – Eternal Darkness

Esther's Monday motivation theme this week was darkness and this is the story I came up with: Eternal Darkness We had just left the wormhole that brought us here for a brief time we were in normal space. There it was before us. Our destiny, a circle of  blackness, darkness like I had never see before. Even … Continue reading Monday Motivation – Eternal Darkness

The Titan Mystery – The Conclusion

Though the darkness of deep space a lone spacecraft moved slowly towards a rippling tear of energy in space. The Atlas, the ship sent to rescue the Tycho and it's crew moved towards its reported position. "We've not been able to pick up the Tycho on sensors Captain and they should be here!" Captain William … Continue reading The Titan Mystery – The Conclusion

Ester Newton’s Monday Motivations – Fireworks.

I know ive left it late but Esther as always runs her Monday Motivations slot and as is seasonally typical the theme was Fireworks. Fireworks: Henry liked to watch the goings on at number 24. Every Thursday Linda would go out with her friends to play Bridge. This normally lasted for a few hours. This left her … Continue reading Ester Newton’s Monday Motivations – Fireworks.

The Beast – Halloween Story Challenge 

The moor. Always a cold and unforgiving place, but at this time of year there was an air of power and death about it, as if it wanted to try its best to consume anybody on it. Melissa had got the call about 4pm about deathly moans coming from somewhere near the old village, as … Continue reading The Beast – Halloween Story Challenge 

Halloween – The Ghost Called Bob #2

After last years little Halloween story - I thought Bob's story should carry on!   It's at this time of year when the nights draw in, the swirling mist leaks around the village and when the children go to the front door of anyone with decorations or a pumpkin that the story of Bob is … Continue reading Halloween – The Ghost Called Bob #2

Inferno – Esthers Monday Motivations 

This week Esther set her Monday Motivations challenge around the words Glasses, Blaze and Madness. This is quite a tricky one to combine but I've had a go anyway: Inferno Beep, beep,beep the alarm sounded so distant in Sam's sleep. Not sure if it was a dream he thought the claxons would stop.  They didn't stop, slowly … Continue reading Inferno – Esthers Monday Motivations 

Monday motivations -The Goragoth

I'm trying to keep some posts running through here, I always love writing for Esther's Monday Motivations so while i had chance I thought I would. I hope you're all well and if you guys want to ping me or whether then you know where I am 😀 I'm missing you all by the way... The Goragoth … Continue reading Monday motivations -The Goragoth

Esther’s Monday Motivation Challenge – Stop what you’re doing now!

Despite the rise of life to prevent me writing I feel i still need to take part in Esther Monday motivation challenge. This week the challenge is to include Stop what you're doing now! he yelled In to a story of between 50 & 100 words. This is what I came up with: It was only one … Continue reading Esther’s Monday Motivation Challenge – Stop what you’re doing now!

Esther’s Monday Motivation – It was over. 

I've been busy this week, but I still had to check Esther's Monday motivation. This week is an interesting one, the phrase to use in a 50 - 100 word story is "it was over"  Here's my piece on it: Surviving the end: They had been waiting for weeks for it to come. Now Adams and the … Continue reading Esther’s Monday Motivation – It was over. 

The Wallet – Esther Monday Motivation

I'm going to try and stay in the word limit for this week's Esther Newton - Monday Motivation. Thanks as always to Esther for running this, she's very encouraging. This week the theme is: If she didn’t stop doing that soon, he was going to kill her. The Wallet In life there are moments  you want the Earth to … Continue reading The Wallet – Esther Monday Motivation

The Titan Mystery – Part 14

The trip back through the hyperloop to the station nearest to Tranquility seemed to McKinley to have taken and age. The door opened to the capsule and they all started to dismount, the mechanoids first then Blake and his Marines following with everyone else after. "You and you team keep a look out, I have … Continue reading The Titan Mystery – Part 14

Writing Prompt – Esther’s Monday Motivations

Esther has really pushed the boat out this week, with three lines to be included in here Monday Motivations challenge: Write a flash fiction piece of between 50-200 words with the following three lines in it somewhere. The lines don’t have to follow on from one another: The glass smashed to the floor He was … Continue reading Writing Prompt – Esther’s Monday Motivations