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Shut Out – Lennon Blog Take Over

Lennon of Fabulous with Glitches and I have been friends for ages, I love the sassy and quite honestly hilarious posts she brings to my feed. We’re going to be working together on each other’s blog’s over the near future to collaborate and write something different. If you don’t already know Lennon go over and have a look at here blog, say hi and say I sent you!

Lennon beat me to it first and this is a muse from her called Shut Out:
Your addiction was self-indulgent.
You were stained from the beginning.
Slaughtering anyone that gained passage.
No shortage on corruption.
Dependency weakening your impaired mind.
Twisting your words to tyrannize.
Shattering the ones that loved you the most.
The lacerations you left scarred all of us.
Look who’s damaged now.
Revel in your desperation and suffocate in your deceit.
Dispose of any hope or future circling your contorted mind.
Erase my face, words, and love from your polluted heart.
You’re expiring and disintegrating day by day.
To think I couldn’t get enough of you in the beginning.
Your pure existence is toxic and vile.
You’ll no longer gnaw at my soul, you’re shut out.

Make sure you pop over and see Lennon… great mind!
If anyone else feels that want to take over my blog sometime, let me know!
Simon 🙂