The Cabin

NEW PORTION IN BOLD Join us for a progressive writing experiment! Laura from  and Simon from Planet Simon came up with the idea that we work together on a story 'seed' and let it out into the blogoshpere she has begun the story with only a few paragraphs and a title, I've added a little … Continue reading The Cabin


Bookish Stuff – Just William

Continuing the fun time I've been having with children's books lately I'm moving onto an older set of stories. Just William What I didn't appreciate until I read these books was how old they are. I found them harder to read than other children's books and I couldn't work out what it was all about … Continue reading Bookish Stuff – Just William

Bookish Stuff – Horrid Henry

I've been thinking about how much I've been reading lately and at first it doesn't seem like much (especially when compared to the book legends that read 100 books a year and such like). But then I have been  reading a lot to my son at bed time and I have to say it's been … Continue reading Bookish Stuff – Horrid Henry

The Martian – How the novel stacked up to the film

As my long time readers may remember, a while ago I watched The Martian and I wrote about it, it was a great story and the book was supposed to be pretty good too - so I read it and I've got a few things to say about it. The Story Firstly the story is … Continue reading The Martian – How the novel stacked up to the film

Battle of the Books – A Warden and a Nexus

Candice Coates of has a problem that I an only dream of. She has two books to self publish. The problem comes is which one to publish first! The two books are called Warden and Nexus Gate 4037. Both of them are Science Fiction novels with a different twist. The Warden is comic adventure and Nexus Gate … Continue reading Battle of the Books – A Warden and a Nexus

Hanging Tough – How tough was it?

A while ago on Twitter a call for readers and reviewers caught my eye from a new author - Lisa Bush. I responded and found out she's relatively local to me and she kindly sent me a copy of her book Hanging Tough for me to read and let her know my thoughts. Hanging Tough is … Continue reading Hanging Tough – How tough was it?