Lennon’s Fabulous Blog Take Over – with no Glitches!

Lennon is once again taking over Planet Simon, this time she's going to an intense workplace situation, starting a story that's going to go we know not where...   Break Away You're staring at me. Chin resting on your hands intensely staring as I called out customer requests.  It's terrifying for me, sitting across from you... Continue Reading →


30 Things You Can Still Do Before 2018 (Part 1) 

As part of a series of blog takeovers, Marquessa Matthews has got a list of things we can be doing before the new years strikes! 30 Things You Can Still Do Before 2018 (Part 1) Can someone please tell me where 2017 went? In 2018, I need to stop treating my writing as a hobby... Continue Reading →

Shut Out – Lennon Blog Take Over

Lennon of Fabulous with Glitches and I have been friends for ages, I love the sassy and quite honestly hilarious posts she brings to my feed. We're going to be working together on each other's blog's over the near future to collaborate and write something different. If you don't already know Lennon go over and... Continue Reading →

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