Blog Battle – The Brian Incident

This was the Blog Battle Entry for June 2021 and the prompt was Abstract.Brian was a man on nearly the wrong side of 40. He wasn't anyone particularly special, he wasn't rich, powerful or famous and neither had he wanted to be. His life consisted of a bacon sandwich for breakfast, cycling the 2.64 miles … Continue reading Blog Battle – The Brian Incident


Death Diamonds – Blog Battle

This was the Blog Battle Entry for July 2020 and the prompt was Conceal. Death Diamonds Darrant hated these busy city bars, so many people crammed in to one place to be together and drink until they either couldn't walk or couldn't stand each other any more. This is what these people called fun or … Continue reading Death Diamonds – Blog Battle


Drip.Drip.Drip."Oh here's another leak." The young woman pointed, stopping and looking back."Dammit." The deep voice of a man replied. "Have we got any buckets left?""Just the one." The young woman replied, she help it up to the man. Both of them looked disheveled and tired. Their white pressure suits looking far from white with dirt … Continue reading Poseidon

Fields of Paper Flowers

This is my entry for January's Blog Battle - the theme or word for this month is Heart. "Here it is!" Brian revealed all glowing with pride. "The artificial flower!"I looked on it with a mix of distain and yet a little awe at the intricate and beautiful creation. "So what?" "What do you mean so … Continue reading Fields of Paper Flowers

The Eternal Librarian

This is my entry for December's Blog Battle - the theme or word for this month is Heart. "I have exciting news for you Emily." Libby told Emily in her usual flat robotic but clearly feminine tone."What is that?" Emily asked excitedly. At sixteen years old Emily was often told she was too old to … Continue reading The Eternal Librarian

The Extinction Protocol

This short piece has been written for the November 2018 Blog Battle.  To find out more click the link: The word for the month is EDUCATE. SOL670 Olympus Colony: "Colony Log Commander James O'Neill: NASA are sending me a priority message on the secure comms channel in about five minutes. I'm not sure what to … Continue reading The Extinction Protocol

Leaping the Void

I've not done a blog battle for a while, so for a bit of fun I thought I would take part this time and see how it goes. The weeks theme is Darkness. Leaping the Void: The darkness was enveloping her mind and vision. Overloaded with the sensations of sounds and the crippling force that … Continue reading Leaping the Void