Fictioneering & Planning and Preparation

During November last year I took part in NaNoWriMo and wrote the first 50k of a book. One of the things I really struggled with during writing this was really knowing what to write and where. There are some people who an pants writing a novel well, for the most part I didn't do bad … Continue reading Fictioneering & Planning and Preparation


The Cabin

NEW PORTION IN BOLD Join us for a progressive writing experiment! Laura from  and Simon from Planet Simon came up with the idea that we work together on a story 'seed' and let it out into the blogoshpere she has begun the story with only a few paragraphs and a title, I've added a little … Continue reading The Cabin

Fictioneering and creating worlds

In the world of writing especially in science fiction and fantasy, creating world that are different and interesting can be a challenge that can yield great rewards. The whole idea is to do something different, wonderful, terrible something that gives the story and the characters within it the right setting for their adventures. What kind … Continue reading Fictioneering and creating worlds

What’s Fictioneering and where does it come from?

Fictioneering is a term I thought up when I was trying to think of a way to describe the process of creating fictional characters, worlds, and concepts that can be used in my story telling. While I thought it up in my own mind I was gutted to find it was already in use. But … Continue reading What’s Fictioneering and where does it come from?