Inktober – Pattern

I’ve hear about this Inktober thing for years now and I’ve never thought about taking part. While I’m not really taking part fully I thought I might dive in some days. Today’s theme was swing and I loved playing with the lines and patterns on this to totally change the dynamics of this. Did anyoneContinue reading “Inktober – Pattern”

Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit -Blog Date 50-2018

Hi there bloggies, or maybe it’s now ho there! 😝 I cannot believe we’re now so close to Christmas. I’m not going to give you all the annoying countdown, that would be mean. But how are you all taking it? Do you like Christmas or can you take it or leave it? Too commercialised now?Continue reading “Planet Simon’s Weekly Orbit -Blog Date 50-2018”

Simon’s Sketch Work – The Aston Martin

I have had a little break from the human face and wanted to draw something more mechanical. So I have stored a few pictures for inspiration and I found an Aston Martin to draw.  One thing I have found with art that is useful is to start with a basic shape and then modify toContinue reading “Simon’s Sketch Work – The Aston Martin”

Simon’s Sketch Work – Drawing the Human Face

As my regular bloggies know I’ve been messing about with art work for over a year now and with this I’ve been sketching out ideas and transferring them to digital and doing fun things. But I’ve also wanted to improve my sketching. So I’ve looked on Youtube on how to draw the human face andContinue reading “Simon’s Sketch Work – Drawing the Human Face”

Learn How to Draw a Vision Map to better sell your ideas

via Want to Get Better at Selling Others on Your Ideas? Learn How to Draw a I loved this, saw it and I had to share it! Ayse Birsel shows us all how to use her drawing Alphabet to help us sell visually. He alphabet is here: My vision-drawing alphabet Simple geometric shapes: Circles, squares, rectangles,Continue reading “Learn How to Draw a Vision Map to better sell your ideas”