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I've gone Syberspatial!

Now that you’ve read the title you’re probably thinking what the hell am I talking about? Fear not bloggies, I’ve not lost a screw from my brain – well I might have but let’s not go there right now. Something has been niggling me for a while and it’s the blog name, cool thought it… Continue Reading →

Blog Orbit – Blog Date February 2020

We made it bloggies! We made it out of January – damn that felt like a long year! Up here in the UK it’s been cold and damp and dark and only now are we starting to see spring starting to arrive and I have to say it feels good to see a little daylight… Continue Reading →

The Sci-Fi Files – Alien Megastructures

Some years ago, mankind found out how to find planets round other stars and this is done by measuring the light of a star and watching for a dip in the light that occurs when a planet (mainly a large one like Jupiter) passes in front of it. This can reduce the light of the… Continue Reading →

In Universe made up of Empty Space – What are we?

Atoms – there’s not much to them in the first place, measures in something like picometres and consisting of a core of protons and / or neutrons with electron shells around it. but when you consider that atoms are about 99.9999999999996% empty space that makes you think. A hydrogen atom is about 99.9999999999996% empty space. Put another… Continue Reading →

Marvelling at a Marvel-ous Captain

I missed out on watching Captain Marvel at the cinema, so I had to wait until it came out on the streaming services and as it happened it came out the other week and I watched it. But in the time it’s taken me to watch it I’ve noticed a lot of hate and negativity… Continue Reading →


Drip. Drip. Drip. “Oh here’s another leak.” The young woman pointed, stopping and looking back. “Dammit.” The deep voice of a man replied. “Have we got any buckets left?” “Just the one.” The young woman replied, she help it up to the man. Both of them looked disheveled and tired. Their white pressure suits looking… Continue Reading →

News | NASA Says Goodbye to One of Agency’s Great Observatories

One of NASA’s four Great Observatories, Spitzer launched on Aug. 25, 2003, and has studied the cosmos in infrared light. Its breathtaking images have revealed the beauty of the infrared universe. Spitzer made some of the first studies of exoplanet atmospheres (atmospheres of planets around stars other than our Sun). It confirmed two and discovered five of the seven Earth-size exoplanets around the star… Continue Reading →

Timelapse of the Future

I got this from my writing buddy Sarah… Give yourselves time to watch this, seriously it’s incredible. If not factually correct to thought process on the end of the Earth, civilisation and the universe it utterly mind blowing. Enjoy!

Letter to Myself – Open Next Year (2021)

For those of you I haven’t yet caught – Happy new year to you! Those of you that have been followers for some time will know that this is something that I take part in early in the new year, I take a look at my latter for last year and write myself a letter… Continue Reading →

Blog Orbit – Blog Date January 2020

Hello bloggies, happy new year to all of you! I hope you had a good Christmas break and are back doing whatever it is that you do. As it’s been pointed out we’re not only in a new year but in a new decade. Looking back on many levels things are nowhere near the same… Continue Reading →

Life after Nano and I need to replenish my creativeness

I’ve been struggling since NanoWriMo, that’s the simple fact of the matter. I’ve actually had some time to sit down and try and post something this week and I don’t want to and I can’t think of anything much new. Basically I’ve run out of my creative flow. Right after Nano I was pretty tired… Continue Reading →

Carina Nebula’s ‘Mystic Mountain’ | NASA

Within the tempestuous Carina Nebula lies “Mystic Mountain.” This three-light-year-tall cosmic pinnacle, imaged by the Hubble Space Telescope’s Wide Field Camera 3 in 2010, is made up primarily of dust and gas, and exhibits signs of intense star-forming activity. The colors in this composite image correspond to the glow of oxygen (blue), hydrogen and nitrogen (green) and sulfur… Continue Reading →

Blog Orbit – Blog Date December 2019

Hello bloggies, happy December! I cannot believe that we’re now racing towards Christmas. It seems like only a few days ago that I last wrote and was looking forward to the challenge of NaNoWriMo. I only got two posts out this month, there was no blog battle and they were literally NaNo updates:… Continue Reading →

Nanowrimo and the 52107 Reasons I've not been about

As some of you may or may not know I’ve been taking part in Nanowrimo and through November life been slowly but surely increasing the word count on my first novel creation. At about 10.30 on Saturday the 30th of November I finished the first draft of my manuscript at a word count of 50107… Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo Progress – Day 18

Hello there bloggies it’s the 18th day of NaNoWriMo and as you can tell I’ve still not been able to be around much as I’ve been getting on with the task in hand of getting 50,000 words done by the end of the month. I’m finding this is the tough part now actually. Things have… Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo Progress – Day 11

Hello there bloggies it’s the 11th day of NaNoWriMo and as you can tell I’ve not been here much. I thought a quick well placed post on progress and to say hi might be in order, just so you know I’m still about. I’ve been able to keep up with reading posts either but I’m… Continue Reading →

Blog Orbit – Blog Date November 2019

Hello bloggies, happy November! I cannot believe that we’re now racing towards Christmas. Halloween is done, this is now guy Fawkes Day / night and it’s insane how quickly this year has gone. So – what’s going on? Well… a bit of insanity actually. I decided I was going to take part in NaNoWriMo, long… Continue Reading →

The Ghost Called Bob #5

After three years of my little Halloween stories – I thought Bob’s story should carry on! r Bob got up to more tricks in year two more frolics in year three , he was back again last year. And he’s back again! The night draw in once more the last browned and wind blown leaves remain… Continue Reading →

The Sci-Fi Files – The Shark Tag

This Sci-Fi files tales takes us back to the ocean depths to something that happened when a casual beach walker found a tag that had been attached to a 3 metre Great White shark. When the data on it was analysed it revealed that on Christmas Eve 2003 the shark dived to a depth of… Continue Reading →

Word Prompt Story – Fusion

Word prompt stories – I’m going to try and look for a word prompt daily (haha don’t laugh) and see if I can create something short and sweet to write around it. As it’s me I’ll probably try and put a science fiction spin on it. For all you reading it, this is a challenge… Continue Reading →

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