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Gargantua Overlay

I’ve been playing with overlays again. This time I’ve overlayed the Gargantua black hole from Interstellar. What do ya think? I might try getting more daring with these… See what I can find.

Larissa’s Stone

This was the Blog Battle Entry for April 2020 and the prompt was Brooch. Larissa’s Stone Larissa rested against the bulkhead of the access way, she was allowed this far but no further. She had no money and none of the captains would take her where she wanted. The bulkhead was cold against her skin, … Continue reading Larissa’s Stone

Image Overlays – Neptune Triton with Sunset

I’ve been having a play, merging my pictures with images from others to overlay them and create something kinda cool. This one is of Neptune and Triton taken from Voyager 2 overlayed onto a sunset picture that I took. What do you think?

Comic Relief – Alien Contact

For Kate’s Comic Relief Isolation Fun I thought I would see what I could do – as a first attempt I came up with this: Enjoy! I hope you’re all well.

Icy Moonlit Wolf Scene

Hello everyone, I was going to share this ages ago – I have no idea what got in the way but it did. Anyway I created a howling wolf scene that had been stuck in my head. You know like sometimes you have something in your mind and you have to create it? Like scratching … Continue reading Icy Moonlit Wolf Scene

Outstanding quote for these times!

The human race has bourne great writers an philosophers, with quotes that have inspired and educated in difficult times. One of these is Douglas Adams who came up with this: He also came up with another visionary principle – Don’t forget your towel. Could use useful if the bog roll runs out. Keep safe bloggies!


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