Sketching Scarlett

I’ve been working a bit on my sketching, especially with portraits as they’re quite interesting, my latest work was of a portrait of Scarlett Johansson. This was the finished sketch: The hardest bit I found with this is the charcoal pencils, the fine detail with them seems hard to achieve and I’m wondering if I … Continue reading Sketching Scarlett

Gargantua Overlay

I’ve been playing with overlays again. This time I’ve overlayed the Gargantua black hole from Interstellar. What do ya think? I might try getting more daring with these… See what I can find.

Image Overlays – Neptune Triton with Sunset

I’ve been having a play, merging my pictures with images from others to overlay them and create something kinda cool. This one is of Neptune and Triton taken from Voyager 2 overlayed onto a sunset picture that I took. What do you think?

Comic Relief – Alien Contact

For Kate’s Comic Relief Isolation Fun I thought I would see what I could do – as a first attempt I came up with this: Enjoy! I hope you’re all well.

Icy Moonlit Wolf Scene

Hello everyone, I was going to share this ages ago – I have no idea what got in the way but it did. Anyway I created a howling wolf scene that had been stuck in my head. You know like sometimes you have something in your mind and you have to create it? Like scratching … Continue reading Icy Moonlit Wolf Scene

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