Sliver of Saturn

sliver of saturn

Although only a sliver of Saturn’s sunlit face is visible in this view, the mighty gas giant planet still dominates the view.

From this vantage point just beneath the ring plane, the dense B ring becomes dark and essentially opaque, letting almost no light pass through. But some light reflected by the planet passes through the less dense A ring, which appears above the B ring in this photo. The C ring, silhouetted just below the B ring, lets almost all of Saturn’s reflected light pass right through it, as if it were barely there at all. The F ring appears as a bright arc in this image, which is visible against both the backdrop of Saturn and the dark sky.

via Sliver of Saturn | NASA

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NASA – Solar System: Things to Know This Week

I used to post these on a regular basis, but I’ve been leaving them lately. But the big news for this week is really about the last stages of Cassini’s Saturn mission.

The last maneuvers will be taking place soon, bringing Cassini between the planet’s outer atmosphere and it’s inner rings for a number of orbits before it’s final flight into the gas giant.

Read the full article here:

via NASA — Solar System: Things to Know This Week

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Murphy’s Law – I Swear I’ve already done this!!!

Murphy’s law of probability or sod’s law is summarised by the saying “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” This is a new little series intended to be a numerous and light hearted look at the world of cock up. More often than anything it’s the small things in life that stress us out, I know this is the case with me. This is a kind of reverse psychology look at the fact that when things go wrong – it ain’t that bad really.



People are always doing stuff! all the time and we dislike nothing more than having to do something twice

1) A number of factors can come into play here, firstly the agent of Murphy has supplied you with duff information, leading you to make a mistake. This has the effect of making you look like a prize prune and making work for you by having to re-do what you’ve just done!

2) The other thing that happens is the somewhere in the 7th – 12th dimension (where Murphy himself lives) whatever is was you did, suddenly was sucked away into this dimension. You could have sword you did this, but it’s not there. Are you mad? Or just getting old?

3) The agent of Murphy in point 1 comes back to you after you’ve done it again and informs you it was right the first time!

You scream. Murphy’s Law has struck. Again.

What’s you view on Murphy’s Law? How has it struck you in the past… I hope you my fellow bloggies enjoy this little featurette.

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The Blue Sky Tag

I had a little surprise the other day when Tina of Writteningeek nominated me for the Blue Sky Tag. Thank you for this Tina, it was a real joy to get this from you and to fill in all the questions. I love getting tags and that kind of thing

This is the updated version of the post – the answers to my questions were lost last rime around! grrr…


The rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Answer the 11 questions.
  3. Tag 11 people.
  4. Give your nominees 11 questions to answer.


Here are my answers to the questions:

  • What frightens you the most?

I think the future does – but you know spiders are pretty scary!

  • Coffee or tea? (I am not addicted to coffee, I just have a VERY strong appreciation for the bean.  😉  ).

Tea every time, all kinds and tastes, even some fruity ones 🙂

  • Have you ever traveled outside your country?

I have been to Sweden a few times and France once for work – not a holiday but hey!

  • Would you survive a zombie apocalypse?

Who knows? I would like to think I would and I would use brains rather than brawn to do it – I think there would be more risk from other humans trying to survive.

  • Name one thing on your bucket list.

To start living.

  • What’s the thing that you are most proud of?

Not sure really, either than means I’m not proud or not much has made me proud yet… Hmmm. I’ll let you know on that one!

  • Would you ever travel to outer space?

Sure I would – what an adventure!

  • Are you a morning person or a night owl?

I have to be a bit of both these days…

  • If you could have a superpower/mutant ability, what would it be?

I wouldn’t – I want to be Iron Man 🙂

  • Do you have a phobia?


  • Do you use a lot of social media or do you just have your blog (and maybe one other account, such as Facebook).

I do use a fair bit of social media, I have Facebook, but I’m rarely on it, I also use Pinterest, SumbleUpon and Twitter 🙂


Now I’ve got my 11 miscreant’s otherwise known as nominee’s:












Here are  the 11 questions for my nominees:

  1. When you see blue skies and a sunny day what do you want to do most?
  2. What’s the most ‘blue skies’ thought you’ve ever had?
  3. What’s your favourite season and why?
  4. Has there been a moment in your life that stands out above anything? What was it?
  5. What do you love most about blogging?
  6. What do you think could make blogging better?
  7. What’s your favourite TV series?
  8. What’s your favourite film?
  9. What was the last piece of music you bought?
  10. Apple or Android?
  11. What was the last thing you did that you thought you wouldn’t like but were surprised you did?

There’s no pressure to take part – I hope you all do though!

All my nominee’s are great bloggies – make sure you have a look at what they’re up to and click their follow buttons!

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Why Sci-Fi?

Have a look at the first contributor post on my Scifi and Fantasy hub. The door is open for more contributors to help give this project substance and readers to make it work!

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First off, I want to thank Simon Farnell for allowing me to be a contributor here on Universe of Possibilities. If you’re interested in learning more about this awesome new Sci-Fi hub, and perhaps finding out how to become a contributor yourself, click here.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for my first post on this site, but I thought it might be a good idea to talk a little about why I got into science fiction in the first place. After all, there are certain stereotypes about Sci-Fi nerds like me. Some people call science fiction “escapism,” or they call it “childish.” And I don’t know… maybe they’re right.

When I was growing up, if I behaved, I’d get to stay up past my bedtime to watch Star Trek with my Dad. My bedtime was 9. Star Trek: The Next Generation came on at 10, which…

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